10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in February

How pleasant is the month of February! The colder mornings, the pleasant sunny afternoons, the beautiful golden hour, and the cuddly nights, what more can a human ask for! May be a travel plan during this month to one of our favorite destinations! It is the season to say bye to winters in a lovely way and welcome the springs. Here we have listed the top 10 destinations to visit in India in February. The month blesses us with a week-long festival of love along with other major festivals in India. Going on trips with your loved ones or solo to these destinations would bring a year full of content.

Sikkim: Sikkim has a variety of landscapes from exciting waterfalls, majestic mountains, plants, animals, rivers, and lakes. This makes it evident that there are enough to explore here so it will be a packed vacation filled with mysteries. One of the major reasons to visit Sikkim in February is its Losar festival. The Tibetan New Year commences on the first day of the first month of each lunar year usually celebrated in February. It is a fabulous time to know more about Tibetans and the Buddhist culture.

 Kodaikanal: The best time to explore Kodaikanal, the Princess of Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu, is February month of the year. The beautiful clouds, the misty cliffs, cloud capped mountains, and the serene lakes describe the beauty of Kodai to the fullest. This is also one of the best weekend getaways in Tamil Nadu and also a budgeted honeymoon destination. This hill station is straight out of the Bollywood dreams nestled in the Palani hills. In February, it is neither very cold nor very misty, but totally soul soothing. Sip a hot cup of coffee in the forest land and have the time of your life here.

 Coorg: Coming straight to another hill station and that is the Scotland of India, Coorg. Coorg in Karnataka is an evergreen place with the most delightful sights present in front of your eyes. The pleasant weather and the lush green pasture land make it one of the most sought after hill stations in south India. The different plantations like the coffee, cardamom, etc make for great natural places to explore. During February, the place is chilly and that is what makes it more thrilling.

Bir Billing: Popular as the best place for paragliding in India, Bir Billing is rated as the second best place in the world for adventure activities of paragliding. Bir Billing is another amazing hill station to explore in February. They host the annual World Paragliding Championship. Paragliding is the best here because of the gorgeous Himalayan backdrops. Bir is a little less explored hill stations of Himachal Pradesh as compared to others but this is always a win because less human hindrance means more place for your own selves. Get there for trekking or honeymooning, both are great. Explore the Himalayan resorts by opting any of Himachal Pradesh tour packages.

Jaisalmer: Jaisalmer, the desert land, is amazing to be explored in the month of February when it is not very cold and when it is not very hot either. This golden city is known for its exquisite yellow architecture along the dreamy sand dunes. Going on a desert safari is the most exciting thing to do when in Jaisalmer. During the month of February, the great Jaisalmer Desert Festival is hosted which is unmissable. Camel races, polo matches, turban tying games, etc are also a part of this festival. Find Jaisalmer tour packages to explore various facets of Rajasthan.

Kutch: In contrast to the yellow desert land is the land of white sand and is none other than Kutch in Gujarat. It is one dreamy destination known for its the world famous Rann Utsav. It is the famous desert festival where the visitors from all over the world visit the white salt desert to enjoy the desert fair. This festival is held during the months of December to February. Huge camp settlements along with the cultural festivals are organized during the festival.

Puri: Puri is one of the top pilgrimage spots of India. Large number of devotees and pilgrims reach Puri everyday to have ‘darshan’ of Lord Jagannath. During Rath Yatra, the whole city gets submerged in the sea of the devotees & the tourists. This beach town in Odisha faces humid weather throughout and winter months like February make for the best months to holiday here. Puri sea beach is the most frequently visited tourist spot in the town. During February, there is a yearly festival organized called the Konark Dance Festival for three days. One of the top reasons to visit this town is because of this festival to enjoy the culture.  Opt either suitable Odisha tour packages or Puri tour packages to explore the best of Jagannath Puri.

Yercaud: This one is a small but an extremely pleasant town to explore in Tamil Nadu. This town is called as the land of the seven forests. For the people who are someone who love to be in the nature’s lap between the green trees, this is the place for it. There are tonnes of beautiful sights here like the Killiyur Falls, Emerald Lake, coffee plantations, dense forests, and lots more. It is a perfect place for an escape from the city life and get back rejuvenated.

Amritsar: The town of the Golden Temple is one of the delightful places to be at during the winter month of February. The Golden Temple and Attari Wagha Border are obviously the top places to visit in the Amritsar trip. Though administrative capital of Punjab is Chandigarh but Amritsar is the religious capital of the Sikh state of India. But, apart from exploring these famous touristy places, the other things to do here is posing in the the ‘sarson ke khet’, absorbing the country side views of the town, and to relish your taste buds with extremely delicious Punjabi food. Punjab is a forever mood and in February is a lot more amazing. There are several Amritsar tour packages are offered by Optima Travels.

Allahabad: Finally, one of the most exciting places to visit during the month of February is Allahabad. Allahabad is a gem of a place in India where a plethora of history can be explored in forms of temples, ashramas, monuments, festivals, markets etc. Allahabad is now called Prayagraj, its ancient and culturally meaningful name. Recently Other than this, it is an important pilgrim spot so there are enough places to explore its religious side as well. In February, the mini Kumbh Mela or the Magh Mela is held that attracts enough pilgrims from all over the world. It is an exciting fair to be a part of. Allahabad tour packages are many can be customized as per your individual requirements.

Make the most of your February by planning a trio to any of these places. Their vibe, aura, and ambiance during the month of February is simply splendid. A long weekend or a week would be a perfect timeline to explore any of the places mentioned above.

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