Ayurveda Tourism in India

Ayurveda Tourism in India

Ayurveda is an ancient practice that has been originated in India and has travelled the world because of popularity. People from all over the world are getting inclined towards Ayurveda because of the healing properties it gives. Ayurveda is a great alternative for medical treatments and medicines. Indians have been practising and accepting Ayurveda in their life for ages now. Ayurveda is directly related with wellness and the Ayurveda and wellness tourism in India has increased massively in the last few decades. Not only domestic but International tourists also consider taking this trip to India for their wellness. The fact that there is an alternative medicine available out there for almost everything that is derived from the nature is attracting everyone.

What is Ayurveda: Ayurveda in the simplest words is an alternative medicine that is made out from the natural products. The practice of Ayurveda started in the Indian subcontinent and its history dates back to thousands of years ago, precisely 3000. Ayurveda is also the world’s oldest whole body healing systems. The belief that revolves around Ayurvedic practices is that the health and wellness of the human body depends on the balance between body, mind, and spirit. The major goal of Ayurveda is not to fight diseases but to keep the body healthy. An interesting fact about Indians is that most of the minor health issues like cough & cold, loose motion, dehydration, sore throat, body pain, etc are still cured in the Indian households through the Ayurvedic medicines. Indians do trust this process.

Ayurveda Belief and Process: Ayurvedic treatments for that. Ayurvedic practices revolve around the fact that the humans are made of five elements, fire, water, earth, space, and air. These 5 elements combined also is called as Panchatatva meaning five elements. All these elements present within the human body combine to form three forces and they are called ‘doshas’. They are ‘Kapha Dosha – water and earth, Pitta Dosha – fire and water, and Vata Dosha – space and air. Every human being has a mixture of all these doshas but one of them in every human is more. The importance of these doshas is that they control each body function of the human body. According to the Ayurvedic beliefs, if a person falls sick then there is an imbalance in these doshas in his body.

The process of Ayurveda includes medicines, Ayurvedic massages, and spas. The treatment of the body through Ayurveda is extremely relaxing, therapeutic that soothes the body and the mind, and is free from all kinds of side effects.

What is Ayurvedic Tourism: Ayurveda tourism is a kind of tourism in which people travel to different Ayurvedic spots for their health and wellness purposes. This travelling could either be for treating any particular kind of health issue or for getting towards wellness for a healthy body, mind, and soul. With a holistic approach of Ayurveda, one can attain a physiological balance in their body along with detoxification. Ayurvedic tourism includes making a person more inclined towards the letting the person stay connected to their body and minds. Ayurvedic tourism industry and Ayurveda industry as a whole is now a very profitable market in India. The best part is that there is no competition of this in the world which makes India the only one doing it. India has been gaining popularity and earning big bucks through the Ayurvedic tourism.

Ayurvedic Destinations in India: India is the prime destination for Ayurvedic tourism in the world. This has given rise to various rejuvenation centers and Ayurvedic destinations in the country. With more people from even aboard getting inclined towards this practice, the rise of Ayurvedic destinations in India is on a high level. Some of the best Ayurvedic destinations in India are listed below. There are enough amazing Ayurvedic spots in and around these cities for making sure a great Ayurvedic tourism.

Uttarakhand: Uttarakhand is truly a heaven on earth. It is a place to experience adventure activities, yoga, wellness, and even Ayurveda to its best. Uttarakhand is truly a blissful place in the lap of nature. One can take the full advantage of traditional Indian Ayurvedic treatment along with amazing contemporary spa technology here.

Kerala: The best place in India for the most relaxing Ayurvedic tourism has to be Kerala. Kerala is world famous for the Ayurvedic treatments and massages it offers to the people. Everything becomes more relaxing because of the vibe of Kerala which is the sceneries of the backwaters. In fact, the world’s first Ayurveda resort was established in Kerala itself.

Udaipur: Udaipur, the city of lakes is one of the best places for the Ayurveda tourism in the country. In the beautiful city of lakes, forts, and palaces, Udaipur is a great place for healing the inner body. The hospitality of the state makes everything much more amazing. The climate and the culture make for a good place to get the benefits of the retreats here. 

Goa: Goa is definitely one of the most popular and preferred places in India for Ayurvedic tourism. Goa has a lot of sides and Ayurvedic tourism is one of it. Goa is totally a place where one can heal to the fullest in the most amazing ambiance. With the most blissful beaches lined with the coconut trees, ample amount of natural beauty, and fresh air, Goa is a great place for Ayurvedic tourism.

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