10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in January

The New Year begins with tons of resolutions with one of the most common resolution being travelling more than before. Hence, to help you a little more with your New Year travel goal-setting process, here, we have a list of the top 10 tourist places to visit in India in January. There are a lot of places in the country that experience utmost snowfall and chilly weather, but there are some places that are absolutely delight to be at. The places that have snow fall are also sensational because of the snowflakes all around. Explore the below mentioned cities with endless sunshine, pleasant weather, and amazing scenery.

Kerala: Because of the weather conditions, the most suitable month for enjoying a Kerala vacation is January. The backwaters of the ‘God’s Own Country’ is obviously the highlight of the place that acts as a stunner during this month. It is beautifully lined with the palm trees like the fence. Either just cruising on the backwaters or staying in the house boats for a night, both are just great options to soak its beauty. The Ayurveda massage therapy is a treat to try out here. There are several Kerala tour packages to choose from.

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4 Days – Kerala Backwater Tour
7 Days – Kerala Family Tour
9 Days – Kerala Romantic Tour
9 Days – Luxury Kerala Ayurveda Tour

Jaipur: Rajasthan is a city that needs to be explored more in the daytime. Hence, chilled weather should be the most considered thing to look out for while booking a trip here. Travelling to Jaipur during the January month means exploring the pink city at its best. The best part of the Jaipur Literature Festival is held here during this month which is a huge celebratory deal for the literature enthusiasts. The real grandeur of the Jaipur forts, palaces, museums, and other picturesque places can be experienced better in the winter months. Opt from many of Jaipur tour packages.

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1 Day – Jaipur City Tour
2 Days- Jaipur Tour
3 Days – Agra Jaipur with Dera Amber Tour

Goa: Goa doesn’t really need a season or a reason to be there. It just needs a travel mood, a bunch of friends, and few free days in your hand to explore it. Apart from an amazing temperature during this month, Goa is in a mood of massive New Year’s celebrations throughout the month. Goa is a little expensive at this time but it is all worth it. Hopping on the beaches, eating at the best cafes, chilling at the shacks, everything is pleasant during this time. Avail any of the following Goa tour packages.

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1 Day – Goa Day Tour Packages
5 Days – Goa Beach Tour
8 Days – Mumbai Goa Tour
9 Days – Golden Triangle with Goa Tour

Gulmarg: For the people who want to enjoy the Winter Wonderland in India, they must head out to Gulmarg in the month of January. There are a plethora of adventure activities to try out here like skiing, cable car rides, and lots more. Of course, the most fun activity includes throwing snow balls on each other while dreaming in the snow land. The best place to be at with your loved one is Gulmarg and end your fun days with snuggling in the blankets in the wooden hotels.

Andaman Islands: The beach bums want no place other than a beach land to enjoy their vacations. One of the best beach destinations in India is the Andaman Islands. Andaman’s vibe is entirely different than that of Goa because it is filled with tranquility. During the January month, Andaman could be best explored while doing a plenty of water adventure sports. Island hopping is the best activity to do here while not missing the delicious local food.

Jim Corbett National Park: In contrast to all the fabulous and leisure holiday destinations, Jim Corbett National Park is a totally different one. This one gives thrill, leisure, comfort, and even adrenaline rush to the fullest. Staying in one of the forest resorts and experiencing the rich Indian wild life in front of your eyes is something we don’t generally do; hence, a total money worthy thing to tick off from the travel bucket list. The jeep safari and the Elephant safari experiences are something not to be missed by any chance.

Ooty: Visiting hill stations in the cold months like January is a thrill in itself. Ooty, a quaint hill station in South India, is a visual treat for the travelers. Its aura and ambiance are quite different from the other typical hill stations of North India. There is a pasture of green lands throughput with the green forests everywhere that makes everything a lot more scenic. Boating in Ooty is something not very popular activity in other hill stations but here it is and one must take full advantage of it.

Varanasi: One of the most culture rich cities of the country is Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. There is something to explore in Varanasi in every lane, every ghat, every temple, and every corner basically. To know more about Varanasi, one needs to explore it in detail. Hands down, the best way is to walk down the old lanes and unfold the stories. Hence, the colder month like January is the best for such activities. Taking bath in the River Ganga is one of the most soulful things to do here. Central to cultural tourism, Varanasi tour packages are many and customizable too.

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1 Day – Varanasi Day Tour Packages
2 Days – Varanasi Tour from Delhi
3 Days – Dev Dipawali Varanasi Tour
8 Day – Golden Triangle with Varanasi Tour

Auli: Uttarakhand is filled with adventurous spots and hill stations. The mainstream places are always flocked with the tourists but the hidden gems are always underrated. Auli is one of the little less explored places that is known for world class skiing. Auli has some of the most gorgeous skiing slopes. It is a winter holiday destination with a snow patchy land throughout. There is a majestic rope-way ride in this charming destination that is surely not to be missed.

Khajuraho: Ending this article with one of the most artistic places in India and that is none other than Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh. Famous for the temples and its intricate carvings, Khajuraho is a heritage rich destination. It is one of the holiest cities in the country with 90 Hindu and Jain temples. Because of the splendid architecture and erotic sculptures, Khajuraho has made it to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sights. There is a lot to explore here. With world famous Kamsutra temples, Khajuraho tour packages are quite popular among the visitors.

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2 Days – Khajuraho Tour
4 Days – Khajuraho Dance Festival with Panna Wildlife Sanctuary Tour
4 Days- Khajuraho Agra Tour from Delhi

These places look incredible during the January month by all means. Heading out to any of these cities at the starting month would kick-start your year fabulously.

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