Ram Katha Sangrahalaya in Ayodhya

Ayodhya, a town situated on the banks of river Sarayu is the land of Lord Ram. It is the birth place of Lord Ram, one of the most prominent Hindu Gods. The town attracts hundreds of devotees from many years to experience the life and times of Lord Ram. Since the last few years Ayodhya has been in the news for the Ram Mandir case. With the court’s approval of construction of Ram Mandir, it is becoming difficult for the devotees to hold back from visiting this town. The Ram Mandir is going to be the most iconic tourist spot of Ayodhya for sure.

Until this decision was rolled out by the court, people used to visit the town to explore other spots in the city. Ram Janmabhoomi is the most sacred spot that people explored here. It is considered one of the holiest places for Hindus. Hanuman Garhi, Kanak Bhawan, Nageshwarnath temple, Gulab Bari, Sita ki Rasoi, Tulsi Smarak Bhawan, Bahu Begum ka Maqbara, Raja Mandir, Dashrath Bhawan, Moti Mahal, Mani Parbat, are some of the other famous spots to explore in the town. Sita ki Rasoi is also one of the top spots that tourists make sure to not miss.

But, there are other tourist spots in the city as well that has been devotee’s favourites since forever now. One such place is Ram Katha museum. The Ram Katha museum is also called as the Ram Katha Sangrahalaya. This museum was established in 1988. Since its inception, the museum has been loved by the devotees and they have visited it a lot.

About the Beautiful Ram Katha Sangrahalaya: Everyone who visits Ayodhya makes sure to pay a visit to this museum. It is because the place is an interesting one to explore. The history lovers do not miss exploring this museum because they get to know a lot of stories from the arts and artefacts of this museum. Pottery and terracotta objects are placed in the museum for the visitors to see. These are very interesting stuff inside the museum. Other than these, metal objects and textiles also form a major part of the museum’s collection.

The most striking part of the museum are the sculptures present in the museum. There are tonnes of beautiful photographs from the Ramayan era that catches visitor’s attention. These pictures tell a lot of stories without any words and that make them interesting. There are lots and lots of wonderful paintings in the museum as well. It is impossible to not spend enough time in front of each painting.

Apart from the photographs and paintings, there are a lot of antiquities from Lord Rama era as well. The devotees can get to know a lot more insights on the life of Lord Rama. Even if someone is not a devotee and just a mythological or history lover, they can get tonnes of information from these antiquities, paintings, photographs, and artefacts. It is a multi purpose museum for sure that attracts different types of travellers. Visiting this museum means exploring the rich depository from the Ramayana era.

The interesting part of the museum is that the collection of arts and artefacts inside the museum keep on increasing. The museum authority is engaged in preserving these stuff and also increasing their collection. Mostly, the collection inside the museum is updated.

Timing of Ram Katha Sangrahalaya: Ram Katha Museum is located at Raj Sadan in Ayodhya. The museum is open on all days except for Monday for all the visitors. The timing of the museum is from 10.30 in the morning to 4.30 in the evening. There is no entry fee for the entrance in the museum. The minimum time required for exploring the museum will be around 2 hours.

Striking Things inside the Ram Katha Museum: As we mentioned, there are a lot of interesting things to explore inside the museum. Pottery exhibits, rare palm leaves, coins, arts, artefacts, paintings, photographs, sculptures, terracotta gadgets, textiles, metal objects, etc are the major things to explore in this museum. Anyone is going to have a great time inside this museum because these items unfold a lot of stories. Right from the Ramayana era and beyond, there is a lot to absorb from this museum. Ramayana has definitely made us live the lives in someway of the people of Ayodhya. We all felt what we saw. But, to explore more about their life than what we say on the television, visiting this museum is will be worth it. There are so many hidden facts, real pictures, life size paintings, etc that describe the life of Lord Rama. Going to this museum is like going into a treasure bank and returning with lots if measured information. Needless to say that ardent followers and devotees of Lord Rama do visit this place. But, there are history lovers and explorers as well who visit this place for gathering enough information. The archeologists also visit this museum for their benefit. There are a lot of things and information they get from the place that helps them in their work.

Another reason to visit this museum is because Ayodhya is a very small town. There are not many places to explore. Apart from the major sights right from the Ramayana era, there is nothing much to do in the town. So, visiting this would be a good plan for your trip. Several Ayodhya tour packages are available and facility for customization of the same is plausible.

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