10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in March

March means the onset of the spring season in India. March is also one of the busiest months but is definitely underrated. March has one of the biggest Indian festivals, Holi, the arrival of the spring season, and also is a delightful month to explore places during the year end vacations. There are so many amazing places in the city that are best for exploring during the month of March. Here is a list of the top 10 destinations to visit in India in March and make the most of this trip.

 Rameshwaram: Rameshwaram is one of those pilgrim spots that attract all kinds of tourists throughout the year. The town is known for its beautiful temple architecture, the serenest beaches, and the beautiful history. It is one of the ‘chaar dhaam’ of India and is also an abode to one of the 12 jyotirlingas in the country. It is that epic place according to Hindu mythology, where Lord Ram and his whole team made a bridge to reach Lanka. There is enough to explore here. Rameshwaram happens to be part of South India Tour Packages and Tamil Nadu Tour Packages.

Wayanad: One of the freshest places to visit in India during the month of March is Wayanad. As one enters Wayanad they will be greeted with the aroma of fresh water throughout. The air is extremely fresh here as it is one of the hidden gem hill stations of Kerala. There are two things that needs to be explored here and they are the exotic wildlife and the sights of the beautiful Western Ghats. For the trekkers, it is the best time to explore this town. Many Kerala tour packages include Wayanad in itinerary.

Munnar: Visiting hill stations during the month of March is another level bliss because you get to enjoy that sweet weather that begin with chilly mornings that needs to be enjoyed with a hot cup of coffee leading to soothing afternoons that makes it pleasant to explore the vicinity and ends with cuddly nights. The tea gardens, rich wildlife, and lush green valleys are the majority scenes of this place. The nature lovers are going to have an amazing time here. Munnar tour packages are very popular among the tourists.

 Gangtok: Quite underrated but definitely an amazing place to head out to for a spring vacation. This beautiful hill station in Sikkim is famous for the pleasant monasteries, soothing lakes, and the beautiful waterfalls where time feels has stopped. Along with these gorgeous beauties of nature, the other thing to explore here are the exquisite flora and fauna. It is a perfect place to spend a relaxed vacation and return back rejuvenated. It is far from the city hustle that helps you cleanse your mind and soul.

Mcleodganj: It is totally unfair to not visit Himachal Pradesh during this time of the year because the nature is really biased for the state during the spring. Everything feels so romantic and so lovely in HP in March specifically in Mcleodganj. Also called as Little Lhasa is a heart soothing place to unwind your minds seeing the beauties of the mountains. There are enough things to explore here like the monasteries, old school cafes, and of course the peaks. Do not miss having hot steamed momos here. Opt one of the suitable Himachal Pradesh tour packages to visit Macleodganj.

 Chikmagalur: If you are looking for the most amazing destinations to visit in March then Chikmagalur should be in your priority list. This small hill station lies in the foothills of Mullayanagiri hills. This makes the perfect picturesque backdrop of the town. A not to miss thing in this hill station is the coffee plantation that attracts coffee lovers from all over the world. Imagine sitting in backdrop of the hills and enjoying freshly brewed coffee from the coffee farm. Total heaven!

 Mahabaleshwar: To be really honest, Mahabaleshwar is pleasant throughout the year and is not season specific place but heading out here in March is never bad. The best part of Mahabaleshwar other than hills are the juicy strawberries. For having a relaxed long vacation under a budget is perfectly possible in this hill station. There are various luxury resorts too that help the travellers get the world class feeling even in a small hill station. The drive from Mumbai or Pune to Mahabaleshwar is purely scenic.

Mount Abu: Rajasthan comes with a variety with this hill station in the state. In contrast to the hot royal places filled with palaces, this one is a cool place to relax your nerves. The hill station looks stunning in the month of March. Sight-seeing becomes so weather friendly during this time. One of the most important reasons to visit the town during March is because of the Gangaur festival. You could be a part of this traditional festival and unfold some Marwari culture right there. Mount Abu tour packages are sought after holiday packages among the travelers.

 Vrindavan: One of the most tourism hyped places in India during the month of March is Vrindavan. The only reason is the celebration of Holi in larger than life way. Vrindavan is the land of Lord Krishna and it’s his birth place and he loved playing Holi with Radha and other Gopis during his time. To continue the tradition, lath maar holi is played here. Attending this kind of holi in this town once in a lifetime is a must. This is one of the must to take experiences in India. Also, Vrindavan is a hot city so exploring it during the spring is always the best.

 Goa: Apart from the weather, the parties, the ease to sight-seeing in the daytime, a very interesting reason to be in Goa during the month of March is because of the Shigmotsav celebrations. Shigmotsav is a grand Goan festival that includes colourful processions and deep rituals. This side of Goa should be explored as well. It is the biggest Hindu festival of the state. This shows Goa doesn’t celebrate only Christmas or New Year but other festivals too. Goa tour packages are very popular among beach holidayers.

 Having a holiday in any of these destinations during the month of March is always splendid. One would be having the time of their life in these gorgeous places during their relaxed vacation.

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