Mount Gandhamadan Rameshwaram

Mount Gandhamadan Rameshwaram
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Mount Gandhamadan, (Gandhamadhana Parvatham), Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

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07:00 AM – 01:00 PM
03:00 PM – 06:00 PM

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1 Hours

Famous For :

Foot print of Lord Ram; Place from where Hanuman jumped off for Lanka

Mount Gandhamadan, known also as Gandhamadan Parvat (गंधमादन पर्वत) or Ganghamadhana Parvatham, is a hillock located to the north-west of Rameshwaram. It was the place from where Lord Hanuman jumped off and started his flight for Lanka, the kingdom of Ravan. It is a pretty two-storeyed structure on a sandy elevation at the north-western extremity of the island. There is a ruined palace with fortress near it built by one of the ancient Setupaties (सेतुपति) — Rajas (राजा - kings) of Ramnad. The hillock borders a lagoon of the bay, and the rational enquirers will only see in this, the site of an important fortress constructed by someone among the ancient Sethupaties. The real location of the Gandhamadan range and that particular peak hording the Indian Ocean from which Hanuman made his wonderful leap towards Lanka must remain in obscurity. These might have been anywhere between Rameshwaram and Tiruchendur.

The way to Mount Gandhamadan is lined with a number of small shrines and ponds named after the various generals of Rama’s army. Curiously enough, one of them is named after Baali (बाली), though he had been killed by Ram before he set out on his invasion of Lanka. The most important of these little shrines is that of Hanuman very near the hillock. It is in good condition and has a decent well in front of it. A ‘vairagi’ (वैरागी - recluse) always resides there and gives Tulasi (तुलसी – holy basil) and Bengal gram (boiled and spiced) as the ‘prasaad’ (प्रसाद) of the God to pilgrims whether they make any gifts or not.

Gandhamadan Parvat is also known as Ram Feet. The building on the top of the hillock is a peculiarly constructed two-storeyed ‘mandapam’. In the lower storey, the feet of Sri Ram are shown on an elevated platform in the centre of the room. The delicate lines of the foot are also visible. The place is called as Ramar Padam. It is believed that Ram stood here to find out the whereabouts of his consort Sita. After worship is made there, the pilgrim is led upstairs to the partially roofed terrace and is bidden to strain his gaze towards the south and fancy that he sees the fumes from Ravan’s eternally burning funeral pyre in the distance. Hanuman is said to have surveyed the ocean and first sighted Lanka from here, and here Rama is said to have arranged his troops for the march on Lanka. As per a legend, this is the venue where Lord Ram met Vibhishan, the brother of Ravan.

Though Mount Gandhamadan holds immense religious significance for a Hindu pilgrim but for a leisure vacationer too it has great charm. Being the highest place in Rameshwaram, it offers excellent natural scenic beauty of the sea and its surroundings.

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