Same (One) Day Tour Packages India

India Same Day Tour Packages are specifically meant for the travelers who are eager to explore a city in India in a single day (due to paucity of time) with least exertion & minimal budget. Day tour packages in India are either excursions to nearby town/ city to see unique attractions or a leisurely exploration of a particular aspect of the city’s cultural legacy. India, a country with rich cultural heritage of an ancient civilization, has lot more to offer to a tourist to explore. In addition to beautiful landscapes and places, India unfurls a mindboggling repertoire of art, culture, music, dance, temples, palaces, forts, cuisines, attires, crafts, diversity, religious traditions, spiritualism, literature etc. The business travelers mostly happen to be short of time and, therefore, opt for one day tour.

The soul of India is in the heart of each of its inhabitants, in its ancestral traditions, in its myths ... This is what Optima Travels wants you to discover through our excursions. Learn one of the ritual dances of Kerala in the company of a great master in this matter, browse the bazaars of old Delhi in the evening, exchange with the fishing community of Mumbai, launch yourself in a zip-line near the fort of Jodhpur, enjoy boat cruise and Ganga Aarti in Varanasi , behold beautiful Taj Mahal and relish delicious Mughal dishes in Agra, have a feel of vibrant flea market in Goa , go on an heritage walk in Jaipur, soak in nostalgic ambience of British colonial era in the City of Joy ( Kolkata)... Some examples of what we can offer you. One Day Tour Packages in India are guided ones. These can be customized as per the tourists’ interest, timings and budget. Though it is mandatory to be present in the city to be explored but practically Agra day tours originate from New Delhi. The same day tour packages in various tourist destinations in India like Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata etc are primarily guided private tours. These single day sightseeing tours can be arranged for small groups on special request.

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