Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple Rameshwaram

Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple Rameshwaram
Vital Information for Visitors
Venue :

Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, 623529, Thangachimadam Road, Thangachimadam, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu

Open & Close :

Open on all days

Timing :

06:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Entry Fees:



1 Hours

Famous For :

Ram & his army stayed here during search for Sita

Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple or Ekant Rameshwaram or Ekant Ramar Temple in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu, is a pretty big temple almost in dilapidated state. The temple by the side of national highway is located eight kilometer from Rameshwaram Jyotirlingam Temple (Ramanathaswamy Temple). A dim lamp is still lit there by a Brahmin. The images within are handsome standing figures of Sita, Ram and Lakshman. Ram is represented with one arm raised as if he were speaking aside to Sita. This is the people’s tradition; but the ‘puranic’ tradition is that Ram held his counsel of war here while the Ram Setu was building, so that the roar of the waves might not disturb him. This temple is mentioned in the Ananda Ramayana alone. In the outer verandah (pavilion) of this temple is the spring called Amrit Vapi (अमृत वापी - the well which confers immortality). The water of it is fresh though not much used. Amrit Vapi was created by Lord Ram to quench the thirst of his Vaanar Sena (वानर सेना – army of monkeys). Ram had stayed here with his army while going for Lanka to liberate Sita from the clutches of Ravan. A tourist, while visiting Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, should not miss to visit Viloondi Tirtha & Abdul Kalam Memorial, located close by.

Within a furlong to the west of Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple along the road are situated several important paved fresh water ponds called Ranavimochana Tirtha, Mangala Tirtha etc. While moving from Rameshwaram to Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, a pilgrim finds religious spots like Lakshman Gundam, Ram Gundam, temple dedicated to Kattipillayar (the Vighneshwara of the forest). The deity of Sri Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple has been eulogized by Thyagaraja in his composition. Skanthasethu Mahatmyam speaks of the glory of this deity. Sethu Puranam refers to Amrit Vapi, the temple and ‘pushkarani’ (पुष्करणी – tank or pond), in which a sage cursed by Agastya, took a dip to find relief. Ekantha Ramaswamy Temple, an ancient shrine, has been renovated several times in the past. Maharashtra Brahmin community and philanthropists of various places of India have contributed a lot since several centuries to ensure the daily religious rituals & to upkeep the structure. In 1963, a philanthropist from Kolkata, Koundhlala Bhangur, donated liberally for renovation. The temple is run as a trust & managed by Arya Maharashtra Brahmins.

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