Top 10 Agra Foods & Dishes – Must Eat Agra Cuisines

Best Agra Foods, Dishes & Dishes – The essence of any city in India is very closely related to its authentic food items. Just think about it, every city in India has some specialty in food that is nation famous. The same thing is with Agra. Agra is not only known for its iconic monument but also for the most delicious street food that it has to offer. Travelling to Agra is totally incomplete without tasting these mouth drooling dishes mentioned below. Though longer duration Agra tour packages definitely provide opportunity to taste several dishes of Agra but short tours like Same Day Taj Mahal Tour too allow one to taste some of the following delicacies of Agra. Here are the top 10 Agra foods and dishes.

Mughlai Food: The Mughal invaders ruled over a significant part of India for more than two centuries. Agra remained Mughal capital for more than a century and happened to be the witness of heydays of the dynasty started by Babur. As a result, their heritage can be seen and experienced in delicious non-vegetarian Mughal cuisines in present days as well. Of course, through their food! Mughlai food is the best served in Agra and there is no doubt about it. Also, this cuisine has become Indians’ favourite and we have sort of bookmarked them as our own. The Mughal era has blessed us with a variety of Mughal dishes. Agra trip is incomplete without tasting these.

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Petha: You cannot return back from Agra without tasting these sweet barfi sort of a thing called petha. They are available in abundance. Even if you try, you cannot ignore it. Agra serves a variety of Petha in different shapes, sizes, flavours, colours, and what not. It is the best thing to take back from this city for your loved ones. They are available in dry and semi liquid forms.

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Tandoori Chicken: Agra is a heaven for non vegetarians. We are not even exaggerating when we are saying this. Along with the best hotels even the street food vendors serve sumptuous tandoori chicken varieties. Agra must bookmark Tandoori Chicken as their authentic dish because no one does it better than them. It is synonymous to Agra like Biryani is to Hyderabad or Kababs is to Lucknow. They serve it with green mint chutney to raise the taste bar.

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Dalmoth: Dalmoth is a light snack like mixture. They are crunchy, crispy, light, savoury, and an amazing snack. The reason why someone must taste this in Agra is because they prepare it with different ingredients and turn off the monotony of the dish. They go best with some Kuhad chai and make for the best combo. It is a perfect go to snack when you are not very hungry but want to munch on something savoury.

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Bhalla: In Delhi or in most of the Northern cities, it is famous as Aloo Tikki. In Agra, they call in Bhalla. Bhalla is served just like chaat or also with curd when they call it dahi bhalla. Bhalla is prepared out of dried and mashed potatoes that are turned into flattened balls. They are mixed with chick peas, spices, tamarind, and chutney to make a perfect hot mouth watering dish.

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Shawarma: Shawarmas are popular in most cities these days in India but their origin goes back to Agra. They are like rolls but a better version of them. They look like tacos but are filled with Indian ingredients inside. The roll is filled with buttered up tandoori chicken, flavours, onion rings, chutney, and sauces. This mixture inside is the hero of the entire shawarma dish. Ones who have eaten a Shawarma in Agra have never forgotten its taste.

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Jalebi: After Petha, the next very famous sweet dish that Agra has to offer are Jalebis. Now Jalebis are something available in even the smallest town of India. It is that common. But, when in Agra, it is advisable to have jalebi with Bedai or jalebi with rabri. It is one of the most amazing gastronomical experiences to have in the city. Jalebis are also iconic to Agra.

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Bedai: We just talked about Bedai being served with jalebis. It is one of the best food combos one can try out in Agra. But, bedais can be served alone too and they would give a soulful experience. Bedai is nothing but kachori. Since it is differently named in Agra, their style of presenting and making it is also quite different. So, we would advise not to confuse it as something common. Just try it in Agra style.

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Paratha: Just like Delhi, Agra is also quite famous for their stuffed parathas. Parathas are one of the most loved street foods of the city. They serve a variety of stuffed parathas but the Mughlai ones have to top the list. There are places that serve parathas with chutney, some side dishes, and more.

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Chaat: Ending the list with the most common street food of entire India which is chaat. Every state has a different style to offer chaat. Agra offers it in typical North Indian style with chick peas, onions, chutney, etc. A variety of chaat can be enjoyed in the shops of Agra like samosa chaat, kachori chat, dahi bhalla chaat, aloo Tikki chat, and what not. Do try it in some famous street food stall.

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We all know about Agra people and their food obsession. Now, we have also presented the top 10 Agra food and dishes. So, we want our readers to hog on every food item mentioned here whenever they visit Agra. This is because not only would they get the best of these in the Agra city itself  but having these will make their Agra trip ten times better. Most of the places that serve these foods are great but there are some authentic specialized shops for each of these. No one can beat them in their taste.

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