15 Historical Monuments to Visit in Kerala

Historical Monuments to Visit in Kerala – It is a no brainer that the God’s own country would be having enough splendid spots to explore. Not only is the state famous for its beautiful backwaters sight but also numerous historical places. Kerala is a vibe on its own with lively handicraft, soulful culture, and of course amazing art-forms. Not to miss is the food of the place which id world famous. Conventionally, Rajasthan is famous across the globe for its rich heritage of forts & palaces but present article will acquaint an inquisitive tourist to explore an inspiring legacy of Kerala in the form of exquisite forts and palaces. However, from the tourist’s perspective, here are 15 historical tourist attractions and monuments to visit in Kerala. Since Kerala is primarily visited for its natural beauty, cultural practices, Ayurveda therapy, spices and wildlife, therefore, most of the Kerala tour itineraries cater to popular appeal. On request, customized Kerala tour packages can be offered by Optima Travels to unearth the hidden aspects of the land, popularly called as God’s Own Country.

Dutch Palace: The Mattencherry Palace famously called as the Dutch Palace is the first place that every traveler must visit when in Kerala. It is located in Kochi. Originally built by the Portuguese and then taken over the Dutch, of course is a beautiful and serene palace to spend time at. With lush greenery all around, tall coconut trees to line the palace, beautiful murals inside, the palace is a must visit.

Thalassery Fort: For the people interested in old architecture right from the British era, then visiting Thalassery fort is always a good idea. The British East India Company established this fort in the Kannur district as a monument of Colonial imperialism. It feels like a Goan monument because of the kind of construction.

Jewish Synagogue: The Paradesi Jews were the ones who established this synagogue in Old Cochin. The architecture of this synagogue is super gorgeous with the world class interiors consisting of vintage lamps, chandeliers, different kinds of lights, and so more. Not a lot of people visit this but it is worth exploring in and out. The Jewish Synagogue in Cochin is also called as Pardesi Synagogue.

Fort Kochi: The most famous and the most looked forward place to visit in Kerala is Fort Kochi. There is a different kind of old world charm attached to the Fort Kochi which is basically a sea side town in western part of main Kochi. Spending time here means indulging in the old British world all over again.

Bekal Fort: This fort is around 300 years old and is one of the most preserved forts of the city. The location of the fort is just magical in the lap of the nature and its grandeur stature makes for an amazing tourist spot. From the top of the fort, one can have a delightful view of the Arabian sea. Spending time with friends and family here is great.

St. Francis Church: One must never miss a chance to explore the oldest European Church in India which its St. Francis Church. The striking feature of this Church is that its architecture is not very fancy and modern but its tinted glass, porticoes, collection of antique fans, make it worth visiting. Safe to say, it is one of its kind church in Kerala. This was a Roman Catholic Church that turned to Reformist Church and then finally changed into Anglican Church.

Padmanabhapuram Palace: Right from the forts and churches, here comes a mention of a gorgeous palace in Kerala. The first unique thing about this palace is that it is entirely made of wood. It has black glossy granite floor, has intricate floral carvings on the walls, murals from 18th century, colored mica windows, and also a secret underground passage. Padmanabhapuram Palace is totally unique and picturesque.

Anjuthengu Fort: This fort was again established by the British East India Company in the 17th century. In fact it was the first trading station of this company. The whole vicinity of this fort is filled with numerous coconut trees. One can expect a full to relaxed time here between the beautiful tree lanes. The best part of this fort is that it is between the sea and the backwaters.

Hill Palace: Moreover a palace, it is the biggest archaeological museum of Kerala. It is named as Hill Palace because it is situated in the hills and has a lavish green garden in front of it. There are 49 buildings in this palace complex which are spread in an area of 54 acres. The palace is so pretty that a lot of movies have been shot here which makes travelers click tonnes of pictures here.

Krishnapuram Palace: This beautiful palace is in Alleppey, one of the most beautiful towns of Kerala. This palace attracts travelers for its architectural beauty and the collection of murals inside. It looks more like a temple from in and out because of the entire vibe of the place. Exploring the interiors of the palace is the best thing to do here and know about its real creators.

Palakkad Fort: Kerala is undoubtedly filled with forts as here comes another one. Because of its beauty, this fort also remains one of the most preserved forts of the state. It is famous for its high walls and the green gardens surrounding it. Since it is located on the foothills of the Sahyadri range in between the dense forests and rivers, the scenes from all sides of this fort is just magnificent.

Edakkal Caves: Located in Wayanad, Edakkal Caves is known for its naturally created alcoves. The caves are extremely huge. Reaching the main spot requires to trek for one and a half hours. After reaching the entrance, it takes another 45 minutes to enter the caves. The carvings here age back to the Neolithic age or the late stone era. It is quite a fascinating place to be at.

Rock Cut Temples: Right from the Edakkal caves, here comes a mention of the rock cut temples which is another very important heritage place in Kerala. There are a few rock cut temples in the state and the most famous ones are Kottukal cave temple and Thrikkakkudi rock cut temple. Both of these are different temples with different vibe and both are explore worthy.

Kanakakunu Palace: Located in Trivandrum, the Kanakakunu palace was built in the rule of Travancore king. It is a unique colorful palace that looks so much different than the usual palaces. These days a lot of cultural programs are held in the premises of the palace and travelers can be a part of it.

Kannur Fort: Also called as the St. Angelo’s Fort, the Kannur fort is situated in Kannur cantonment area which is in the Arabian Sea shore. This one is a very popular tourist attraction in Kerala. It is a huge triangular shaped fort with brick like structures. The view of the Arabian Sea from here is out of the world. People come here to spend serene time near the sea shore and to take a stroll inside the huge fort area.

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