10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in April

April means the summers are here. In most of the Northern and the Southern cities of the country the temperature is very high and unpleasant in April. Planning a trip to the hill stations always comes handy during this time for two reasons. One is obviously to escape the rage of hot weather and the other is the vacation season. Escaping to the cooler places is always a relief from the stroke of the heat. Hence, we have compiled a list of some hill stations and pleasant places to head out to. These are also some of the highly preferred places so the crowd will be more. But, that is still way better than 40 degrees of temperature. Get to know about some of the best tourist destinations to visit during April, the advent of summer.

Kasauli: If you don’t want to head out to the main hill stations then Kasauli is a great option. It is not always filled with tourists but it is getting relatively popular these days. The hill station is a beautiful one with the picturesque backdrops of pine and cedar forests throughout. The man made things to explore here are the beautiful Colonial era architecture. The vibe of the place is extremely serene with plenty of fresh air. There are various sunset and sunrise points to view the gorgeous views of the sun.

Srinagar: Talking about the hill stations, the most loved hill station in India is Srinagar. Everyone must visit Kashmir at least once in their lifetime to enjoy its beauty. Srinagar is situated on the banks of river Jhelum. This one is a mystique city for sure that is known worldwide to be the heaven on Earth. Its beauty and landscape is unmatchable from any city of the world. Spending a night & cruising through Dal Lake in the houseboats is a treat to body and soul so every traveler must take this experience. Srinagar tour packages are highly popular among honeymoon vacationers. Honeymoon tour packages in India prefer including Srinagar as a tourist hill station.

Matheran: Weekend getaways are always the best because you get a chance to get refreshed in a limited amount and most of the times, it is under budget. So, if you are looking for budgeted holidays then always head out to simpler places like Matheran that is near to your city for a quick getaway. Matheran is a lovely hill station amidst the Sahyadri hills in the Western Ghats. The town is amazing in the month of April with a lot of trekking activities available.

Kodaikanal: This beautiful hill station in the South India is a loveable destination for the honeymooners and the couples. Kodaikanal is known for its charming views throughout in the city. This paradise is a must visit for the couples who are looking to spend quality time with each other far away from the city life. The views of the Palani hills makes everything better. The Green Valley views, the pleasant misty air, hot coffee in one hand, and your partner’s hand in the other. What a feeling!

Coonoor: Again a quaint hill station in South India that is extremely delightful in April is Coonoor. In the Western Ghats, it is the second largest hill station. The hills are entirely green during this time and make for breath taking views. The scenery and weather of the place call out every traveler to be here and soak its beauty. Staying in the wooden cottages amidst the green valleys and waking up to the scintillating views of the nature, this place is heaven.

Nagaland: We all know about this beautiful place but again, this one is quite underrated when it comes to beauty. Most parts of Nagaland are not very well civilized which means you will be enjoying a vacation far from the city life in the heart of the nature. One village in Nagaland is Mon that is known for its unique culture and heritage. There are enough inquisitive things to explore here while sitting in the green grounds with less human and more nature.

Bora Caves: The best thing about heading out to the hidden places is that there are fewer people there, the entire place is for us to explore in the serenest vibe, and enough mysteries are there to unfold. Bora cave cluster is one of the offbeat places in India that is great to visit during April. The Bora caves are naturally formed caves through the river water that gushes through the limestone caves. In this process, it converts calcium carbonate to calcium bicarbonate.

Cherrapunji: Welcome to the wettest and one of the prettiest places of North East, it is Cherrapunji. Head out to this town that is the abode of the clouds and where rain gods are the most biased. It is the place where clouds are seen romancing and being loveable for the mankind. Any moment spent here is not normal because of the fantastic weather. Get in here to view the subtropical forests and the majestic waterfalls. The most striking point of the place is the Living root bridge that is the oldest natural bridge.

Nainital: Nainital is fondly called as the city of lakes is a really charming town. It is for all the tourists who want to go for the mountain vacation but also want other old school charms to explore. There are different lakes in this city whose beauty is the most bewildering during the peak summer months with lovely weather. Chilling here is the best while boating, going for cable car rides, or walking by the lake. Nainital is one of the famous hill resorts in Uttarakhand, India. Many of Uttarakhand tour packages include Nainital as one of the most coveted tourist destinations in travel itinerary.

Dalhousie: If you are a couple and are looking for a paradise for a relaxed vacation in the hills, Dalhousie is the place. Dalhousie is located in Himachal Pradesh. Dalhousie is more of a retreat than anything else and in the month of April, it is just wonderful. Dalhousie remains cold during the April month too with the sight of the snow clad mountains throughout. The climate is great, the tourists are more but it is manageable, the places are open to explore, and everything is just suitable for a relaxed vacation. Many of Himachal Pradesh tour packages include Dalhousie as one of the most coveted tourist destinations in travel itinerary. There are several Dalhousie tour packages available for a tourist.

April is considered to be a loved month in India to explore nearby hill-stations, all thanks to the sweaty, sunny, and scorching weather. To make it a little bit bearable, heading out to these destinations is always a great idea. Planning a trip for around a week or more will be good.

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