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Sri Varadarajaswami Temple, Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu

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Open on all days : 05:30 AM to 12:00 PM

03:30 PM to 08:30 PM

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Approx 2 Hours

Dedicated to :

Lord Vishnu

Specialty :

Golden & silver lizards are worshiped

Varadaraja Temple is one of the prime tourist attractions in Kanchipuram. Dedicated Lord Vishnu, Varadaraja Temple is a vast and impressive complex of structures, enclosed by high and massive compound walls built by the Vijayanagar rulers. The presiding deity Lord Vishnu, called as Sri Varadaraja Perumal, is holding chakra (disc), shankh (conch), gada (club) and Padma (lotus) in his four arms. Beautiful hundred-pillared mandapam with its exquisite workmanship in Sri Varadaraja Temple are the best specimens. Among exquisite sculptures is a huge chain carved out of a monolith. Varadaraja Temple, a grand and imposing edifice that adorns Kanchipuram, is located in the place presently known as ' Vishnu Kanchi’. Literary sources confirm the existence of Varadaraja Temple during Pallava rule. The ancient idol of Aadi Varadharaja Perumal is in reclining posture. It is about 40 feet long. Once in 40 years, this idol is brought out in open in a procession for devotees to have ‘darshana’. Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple is a historical monument and is protected, preserved, maintained and administered by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Spread over 23 acres, Varadaraja Temple is one of the largest temple-complexes of South India. This temple has four ‘prakaram’ with two main entrances- one on the west which is the principal entrance and another on the east. The architecture of this temple derives its inspiration from the Chola and the Vijayanagara kingdom. Architecturally, Sri Varadaraja Perumal Temple claims a unique position because of the peculiar and almost intriguing feauture known as Hastigiri (Elephant Hill). It is in the form of a square enclosure closed by huge walls of about 7.3 metres height covering an area of 30 sq meters. The main sanctuary of Varadaraja in standing pose is placed on it. The reason for this elevation is possibly to give a hill- like elevation to the temple. Though Varadaraja, the bestower of boon, is the presiding God of this temple, it has cluster of subsidiary shrines added during the long run of its history, accommodating various forms of Vishnu, Devi, devotees and minor deities. The hundred pillared mandapa found within the temple, built by the Vijayanagara kings is renowned for its amazing sculptural beauty. The ornamental rings carved out of single stone at four corners of the mandapa in a chainlike fashion, spirited row of horses prancing on the pillars and the monkey and the cat running after the pigeons on the roofline are unforgettable gems of art.

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