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Every tour in India can be termed as an art & craft tour package as every city or town in India is a unique centre of some form of artistic craftsmanship. So, naturally, when a visitor visits a city, one finds alluring artistic and finely crafted goods and products to shop and purchase. Naturally, India tour packages convert into shopping tours in India or arts & crafts tours of India. Indian artisans have perfected their arts for centuries and immortalized them by passing on the secrets of their knowledge and their technique from father to son. Each region has its specialties, each city has its own artisans and its own techniques. The result is a judicious blend of ancient techniques and modern aesthetics. Silk, spices, jewelery and other Indian products have always been sought after, and merchants traveled miles and miles, enduring the hurdles and privations of such a journey, to get supplies. Today the sub-continent's shopping centers are only a few hours away by flight. As far as fabrics, silverware, carpets, leather goods, antiques, the list is endless because India is a paradise for shopping. The products are exotic, attractive, hand-made with great care and their value for money is excellent. When you make your purchases in the bazaars, you will see that your pleasure is enhanced by the haggling. For reasonable prices, you can always rely on state emporiums. Here are some suggestions for both connoisseurs and lovers of memories.

Fabrics: The textile industry is one of the main industries of India. Its silk, cotton and wool are among the best in the world. The silks of Kanchipuram, Varanasi (Benares), Mysore, Kashmir and Murshidabad are some of the varieties one would like to possess for a lifetime. South India manufactures 90% of Indian silk. World-class quality bristles can be purchased. Rajasthan cotton with its patterns resulting from the knot-tie-dye method is usually of vibrant colors, while Chennai cotton is known to cleanse in washing. Everywhere in India one can buy the himroo fabric, a mixture of silk and cotton, often decorated with patterns. Kashmir is famous for its beautiful woollens, especially for its shawls.

Carpet: India's carpet industry is among the largest in the world. Examples of its ancient and fine craftsmanship can be found in museums all over the world. Kashmir has a very long history of carpet making, influenced by the Persians. The carpets in wool and combed wool and silk are made here and can be bought at a good price. Carpets of Jaipur in Rajasthan and Bhadohi near Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh are very famous carpet weaving and manufacturing centres.

Each region has its own specialty. For example, Darjeeling is known for its vibrant Tibetan carpets.

Clothing: The clothes are cheap and can be customized and quickly in some shops. You have a menu of varied and incomparable ranges: Silks, cotton, himroos, rags, chickens embroidered with gold or silver, encrusted with sequins and semi-precious stones.

Jewelery: Kundan style jewelry from Rajasthan is customary, massive and elaborate. Indian silverware is very famous. Gemstones can be purchased and assembled at will. Besides the diamond, lapis lazuli, Indian rubies, sapphires, moonstones and aquamarines are found. Hyderabad is one of the world centers of sale of pearls. Handmade precious jewelery from Tamil Nadu and Kerala are also important.

Crafts & Leather: Again, each region has its specialty. The range consists of exquisite bronzes, art boiler making often plated with silver and pottery. Paper mache is a typical Kashmir product, sometimes decorated with a gold leaf. Marble and alabaster inlay works such as chess boards and ornate plates are a specialty of Agra. Shoes, sandals and leather clothing are also available.

Woodworking: The works carved in Karnataka sandalwood, rosewood from Kerala and Chennai, Indian walnut from Kashmir, all precious objects of Indian art, will be excellent articles to be purchased.

Other purchases: Pickles, spices and Indian tea, perfumes, soaps, handmade paper, Orissa gaming cards, musical instruments are abundant in the market.

Note: It is forbidden to export antiques, art objects older than 100 years, animal skins or derivatives made of skin. In case you do not have time to visit a region, you can always buy the typical products of this region in the various state emporiums in New Delhi.

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