Central Museum Indore

Central Museum Indore
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Central Museum of Archaeology, Residency, Navlakha, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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Open on all days except Monday & Government holidays
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM

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2 - 3 Hours


Rich collection of archaeological artefacts

Indore Museum of Archaeology is one of the prominent tourist attractions in Indore. The Central Museum in Indore was founded in October 1929 and was mainly archaeological. Other sections have since been added from time to time and the museum contains more than 7,000 exhibits. Attached to the museum is an institution known as Nara Ratna Mandir or Hall of Great Men founded in 1923 but amalgamated with the museum as a separate entity in 1931. It contains pictures of great men of all countries, castes, creeds with notes on their lives and achievements. A biographical library is attached to the Nara Ratna Mandir which contains several thousand books. The Central Museum in Indore contains mainly archaeological collections representing the different branches like iconography, numismatics, epigraphy, history, ancient pottery, arms and accoutrements. There are inscriptions on stone and brick, copper-plates and seals, Brahmanical and Jain images of stone and metal, architectural carvings. There are paintings of the various Indian schools, a rare collection of manuscripts and of ancient ornaments. The museum has also sections to represent geological and ethnological collections and commercial products.

A library is attached to the Central Museum Indore in Madhya Pradesh , mainly for departmental use, but students are also sometimes allowed to use the books during working hours in the museum. Students from local schools accompanied by the teachers are shown round by the curator. A small section for children is also provided. There is a small collection of slides mainly of monuments of Gwalior. Labels are bilingual in English and Hindi. It is governed by the Deputy Director of Archaeology and Museums, Madhya Pradesh. The present museum building requires more space. A caretaker looks after the museum day and night. The coins and other valuables are kept in a safe. As storage space is insufficient, duplicate are kept in cupboards. Exhibits in Indore Museum are collected usually by exploration, got as treasure trove, sometimes by purchase, and very rarely as donations.

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