Top Ten Reasons to Visit India as Holiday Destination

To say India beautiful would be an understatement in a lot of ways. India is more than that India is more than just beautiful. There is not one way in which this unique country can be described. Its uniqueness lies in everything from the languages, to the clothes, to the mindset, to the road lanes, and to everything. Visiting India means entering a land full of surprises where there are new things to unfold at every step. India is a very good country to invest for a travel because the travelers are sure to get back after having the time of their life. The experiences to unravel here are endless.

The article tries to answer several relevant questions like reasons to visit India? What makes India a favorite destination for the tourists? Why do tourists visit India? Why do foreigners prefer to visit India? What attracts foreigners to India? etc. Below are some reasons to visit India as holiday destination.

Variety welcomes on crossing each stateIndia is like chasing TV channels. On changing TV channels, we go on different shows and the same thing happens with changing Indian states. As one crosses a state and enters into another, the person is taken to whole another land. With the change of states, there changes and comes a different variety of traditions to explore, different kinds of food to relish, different kinds of people to meet, and so much.

The culture and traditions are to live forIf a person is visiting India, he is not only visiting a country to explore the buildings and landscapes, he is bound to explore the rich culture of the country. Indian culture is also not static and there is a wide variety in it too. The culture of India is unmissable part of every India’s tour. The best part is that the Indian traditions are quite interesting that hooks the travelers in them.

A plethora of cuisines are a must tryWhat’s travelling without food, right? And in India the travelers must be ready to try a huge variety of food and satisfy their taste buds. There is no end to what can be cooked and served in this country and all thanks to the major food creativity Indians have. Right from the mouth watering South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, Vada to extremely savory North Indian dishes like Chaat, Pav Bhaaji, Samosa, one will return after trying so many new dishes. 

To witness amazing blend of modern and ancient worldThere are some countries known for its explicit developed aura and then there are places in the world known for its laid-back ancient time. But, India is a mix of both. Even the most modern and developed city of the country will give the travelers a feeling of both the contemporary and the ancient world. Hence, an investment of travelling here is always worth it. The travelers get to see the best of both the worlds.

Dramatic architecture from every period of lifeIndia was called as the golden bird of one time because of the wealth it had. No wonder it attracted so many invaders from different parts of the world throughout. This led to many kingdoms being established here in various periods of life which gave birth to so many buildings that still stand here. The dramatic architecture makes this country one of the most visited ones in terms of travel. People from various parts of the world visit India to explore these magnificent timeless buildings.

There is something for everyone hereNo matter if you are a beach person, mountain person, spiritual seeker, adventure lover, or any kind, you will find places in India for travel as per your preference. This is the beauty of this country. If the travelers are thinking for a romantic getaway or a religious family get together, or a hippie solo trip, or a crazy friends getaway, there are options for all of these. You just need to choose the right spot.

To witness one of the Seven Wonders of the WorldOne of the most important reasons to visit India is to witness the epitome of love, the gracious Taj Mahal. It is one of the Seven Wonders of the World created by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan for his wife. Not only is this monument explicitly beautiful but it is also one of its kind in the whole world. A trip here to explore it from all angles is surely a must. Alongside, the city it is situated in is Agra which is yet another beautiful place to be at as a traveler.

To seek spirituality in the arms of natureNot every traveler wants to interact with people or wants to dive into the madness of traditions. There are people who like healing by the nature, spending time in the lap of the mountains, chilling all alone by the beach, and so on. In India, there are so many places like these where one can be all by themselves, soak the beauty of nature, indulge in spirituality, and have the time of their life.

Every time some kind of festival is surely happeningIn contrast to the above said thing, for the people who love to be surrounded by people always and love to celebrate life, India is the place for you. In every part of the country, there is some sort of festival always happening throughout the year. The celebrations of festivals are not static here only during the holidays season and so. You pick a month, you pick a place, and surely you will get some festival, fest, or any kind of celebration happening there.

Lastly, for the amazing hospitality by the IndiansHow can we not mention about the warm hospitality of the Indians! The people here in India make sure that your travel to this land is always the best. They could do whatever they can to make you feel home and all in a good way. We believe in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ meaning guest is our God. Consider spending some time with a local, at their home, with their family when in India.

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