Top 20 Weekend Tourist Destinations To Visit In India

Working hard all week long and then patiently waiting for the weekend to come to energize yourself is a story of an every adult’s life. Weekends are all about fun and thank God India is blessed to have plenty of weekend getaways appropriate destinations to hit over and rejuvenate ourselves. These weekend getaway destinations are far from the city life hustle, are not tiring, and are free from chaos. Their vibe, ambiance, purity, and less human interference make us relax to the core to get ready to kick start the coming week. Here are some of the best weekend getaway destinations throughout the country that are great for the weekend escape. We hope your 2020 long weekend pals get sorted from these.


Be it for a small vacation, for a lavish and a long vacation, or just a weekend getaway, Goa is favourite amongst the travellers for all kinds of holidays. It is the vibe of Goa that calls for the ultimate relaxation. Goa has everything to treat you like the beaches, shacks, hill stations, cascades, treks, cottages, mangroves, etc for all kinds of people. You just have to decide what kind of vacation you are longing and head out to the state. Book a cottage or a premium resort by the beach and you will have the best vacay of your life. The Goan shacks, Goan food, and the Goan drinks are there to accompany you for the holiday.


It is always an amazing time to visit Shimla. To soothe your heart with the chilly breeze in the summers or to make your heart pounder over the snow beauty in the winters, Shimla is always calling you. Shimla is a beautiful hill station that has a vintage or an old school vibe. The tourists places as well as some of the offbeat spots around the city are so wonderful to look at and explore. The feeling of roaming in the hills while enjoying some pahadi food is next level enjoyment. Enjoy the toy train rides there and try to stay at wooden cottages having balconies with a view of the apple orchards.


For the people who love beaches but don’t want to go to Goa or want to try something even more surreal for a unique experience, they must head out to Gokarna in Karnataka. It is a land of the blue seas with the golden sands surrounded by the palm trees from all sides. Mostly the trekkers and the adventure lovers from round the globe visit the town to enjoy some beach treks and beach camps. But, there are vacationers too who chose this place for a peaceful getaway. This one is a pilgrim town too so the ambiance is quite soulful.


The heart of Rajasthan makes for a perfect weekend getaway destination in the North India. Except for the summers, visit Jaipur during any time of the month and you will have a fancy holiday. Weekend is not generally enough for a place like Jaipur because it has a lot to offer. But, still you can have it in pieces and soak Rajput culture from every corner that you are able to visit. Apart from the palaces, forts, temples, and the museums, there are plenty of beautiful staying options in Jaipur to have a royal relaxed holiday. The food of the place is a cherry on the top.


Talking about the cities of North, Agra also makes for a beautiful and aesthetical weekend getaways. This heritage city is home to the epic Taj Mahal and various other Mughal monuments that are known to spill the lives of the luxurious Mughals. Even if you are in no mood to explore or if you have visited Taj already, we suggest you to have a Taj tour at some other hour of the day that you haven’t been to. This will give you a different perspective of the Taj. The actual heritage of India can be witnessed in this city. The iconic Mughal food is something not to be taken for granted.


Hampi shows there is beauty in the ruins and will always be. There is a lot to do in Hampi be it exploring the Hippie culture that isn’t everywhere else in India so might be you don’t know about it. There are so many world heritage sights to explore there. This place gives you an opportunity to embrace the beauty of the local art. The history of Hampi is so rich that it keeps you intrigued throughout to know more. Also, the best part is that there isn’t traffic in the city to make you mad. There is a plenty of time to do all the major stuff and have a laid back night and morning.


Another pilgrim town also known for the adventure side is Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. You are really not a hill lover or an adventure lover, if you haven’t been to Rishikesh, you haven’t explored the true adventure side of India. It could be safely called as the king place of bungee jumping and river rafting in India. There is no place better than this where you could do the white water river rafting by any means. Don’t be sad if you aren’t into adventure because the natural side of the hill station is going to take you to heaven. You can choose to have some laid back holidays at the hill side cafes and treat your eyes with the views of the Himalayan Ganges.


How about doing something different on the weekend? How about escaping from annoying people and spending some quality time with the wild animals, birds, and flowers? It is going to be fun in Gir for sure. The Gir National Park in Gujarat is one of the best Indian National parks. You could spot the golden jackal, the Asiatic lion, Indian leopard, and a lot of exotic wild animals here. Their sights from up close and person is going to stay with you for a lifetime and take our words for that. At a safe distance from the park, you will find great staying options for all budgets.


Famously called as the Scotland of India, this destination is again a blessing in the South India. Coorg is known for the scintillating cascades and the beautiful landscapes throughout the town. The settlement of the houses in this town is picturesque in itself. One would have a great relaxing kind of a vacation in Coorg with all the natural beauty to surround them. Staying in the wooden cottages or the tree houses and waking up to the sound of the chirping birds is what the soulful weekend dreams are made of and can be fulfilled in Coorg.


One of the most beautiful and the oldest hill stations in India its Darjeeling. It is in West Bengal and it is one of the most visited spots for the people of Eastern India. The weather of Darjeeling is always cloudy which ensures that you are going to have a lazy weekend in the hotels. Having the view of the sunrise from the Tiger point is one of the best things to do here. The old markets are great to explore and buy some souvenir. While you are in Darjeeling, make sure to take a trip to Gangtok too if you have time in hand. It is is a beautiful hill station with amazing sceneries as well.


Also, called as the French colony of India, Puducherry is such a blissful place. This is a heartwarming and a colourful place to please everyone who visits it. The beaches, the brightly painted buildings, the cutest cafes, the morning breakfast scenes, everything about Puducherry is lavish. You can actually enjoy a lavish like holiday on a budget in this place. It is so clean it makes your heart happy at just one sight. Apart from chilling and hogging on South Indian and exquisite French food, you can also indulge in some crazy activities like scuba diving. It is a fun filled package place.


Starting with a cliche line for this place? Are you a tea lover? Then this place is going to be heavenly for you. The hill station is blessed with the lush green beauty all over. The tea plantations make for a gorgeous view of Munnar. The aligned houses next to the tea plantations are the best place to stay at when in Munnar. The delightful morning scenes from the cottages while you sip a cup of coffee or tea with the smell of the tea leaves coming throughout is such a bliss. No other feeling like this for the chai lovers out there. Take a break and enjoy the life of this place.

Jim Corbett National park

Don’t you count thrill and excitement in your weekend fun? Well, if you don’t then high time for it that you should. Spend one weekend in the rustic jungle of the Jim Corbett National park and experience the real wildlife unfold in front of your eyes. Think about a tiger walking effortlessly in front of you where none of you are caged. How would that scene be? Well, now don’t imagine and book a trip to the place to bring some energy into your weekends. After the thrill, you can always come back to your jungle resort and relax.


This one is a holy town again formerly popular with the devotees. Now, it is a common weekend getaway spot for the people of South India and other parts of the country as well. The huge Shiva temple with the huge Shiva statue is still the most popular spot of attraction. This statue is the world’s second tallest Shiva statue. This town is really pretty with less population. So, you can have a relaxed holiday here at a strict budget as well. The popular place for scuba diving known as Netrani, is a connecting town from Murudehswar. So, you get to go there as well as it is near.


Not a lot of people might have heard about this place because Madhya Pradesh for some reason remains the underrated when it comes to tourism. Orchha is a hidden gem that is gorgeous. This town is known to show off the legacy of the Indian kings through the stone carved temples, palaces, and the cenotaphs. The best time to visit this offbeat town is during the months of October when the mornings are misty. The sight of the Pandava caves is extremely near to the town, so if you are interested, you could explore that too. The remains of the legacy are interesting to watch.


Weekend getaways should be relaxing, laid back, full of new experiences, and rejuvenating. All of the said things can be true in Nashik. If you wondering what all you can do in Nashik then let me tell you that you can visit the Sula vineyards. Sula vineyards is such a gorgeous place to soak in for some time and not be whiny but just enjoy wine. The vineyard is beautiful where you also get to taste different kinds of wine, see how it is made, and play some cool games related to wine like grape crushing, etc. There are beautiful staying options in the Sula itself that means waking up to the views of the vineyards.


For the people who don’t know, the Puri beach is one of the best beaches of India. This again is a religious town known for the Jagannath temple. A lot of nearby people from the neighbouring cities visit Puri for enjoying the beach vibes that is delightful. The Jagannath temple is really famous and a visit to the temple is a must when you are there. Apart from these, there are some other things to explore in the city for which bus tour rides are the most famous. Konark, a few kilometres away, is a beautiful ancient spot to spend some time at.


Ask the Mumbaikars and the Punekars about their favourite weekend getaway destination and they will name Kamshet. There is no other feeling like escaping the busy city life and spending some solace time in the wold nature under the sky watching the stars. Kinda sounds filmy but it is true This place is magical. It is a beautiful hill station known for camping, trekking, and paragliding. So, it is a packaged place for anyone who loves adventure or would want to give up the luxuries for some time. There are higher chances you wouldn’t get phone connectivity here which means detaching from the world to get attached with nature, yourself, and your loved ones who are there with you.


One of the most beautiful cities of Himachal Pradesh has to be Dharamshala. In the millennial language, it is the lit place to be at during any season. It is the home of Dalai Lama and hence there are so many monasteries to watch out. The feeling of the place is so solace and silent that you really are able to clear your mind from the madness. The blend of the Tibetan and the Indian culture that Dharamshala has to offer is a great experience to take back from the trip. Nature has been very kind to the city so you know this is a good choice for a weekend relaxing therapy.


For the people who would love to escape the city life during the weekend and explore something out of the box, then they should head to Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. Mathura Vrindavan is the hometown of Lord Krishna hence everything in these places revolves around him. A trip to this place means digging into the Hindu mythology which truly becomes so interesting as things start unfolding one by one. Also, the place is filled with beautiful sights to click pictures and show the ancient India to your peers. If you would want to roam around, be informative, and do something meaningful in your weekends, then this place is it.

There are enough magical places in India that are capable enough to treat your soul and mind in just two to three days. You just have to be at these soulful places, explore them and enjoy their best side, and there you are! These were the best weekend tourist destinations of India that you should plan for in all the long weekends of 2020.

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