Light & Sound Show in Orchha Fort

Light & Sound Show in Orchha Fort sheds light on various facets of the history, significance and architecture of the fort. A voice narrates the history of Orchha, while the famous part of the fort is lightened using colorful lights. In between the narration a documentary is used to describe stories beautifully which reflect the music and culture of that time. Orchha Fort is situated on the banks of river Betwa. The river is considered sacred and worshipped in Bundelkhand. The same river serves as a moat for the fort. The town of Orchha is famous for its places and temples. The main complexes of this fort are as under……

Chaturbhuj Temple is situated right in the middle of town. It is not built in the traditional Hindu temple style. It reflects features of different types of buildings. Towers, domes, and minarets are the part of its architecture. Raja Mahal is a three storey building. The Interior of Raja Mahal has many courtyards decorated with beautiful pillars. A part of this palace was converted into a temple and given name ‘Rama Raja Temple’ in the name of God Rama. It is said that this temple was built on the basis of a dream of Rani Ganesh Kuwari, who had seen Lord Rama directing her to build a temple for him. Chaturbhuj temple was approved for this purpose and when the temple was under construction, queen obtained the idol of Lord Ram from Ayodhya. As the temple was under construction, she kept the idol in the place. But when it was time to shift the idol, it refused to budge and so the idol was worshipped in the palace and hence that part of the palace converted into Rama Raja Temple. Diwan-e-Aam was one of the main complexes and this too was built by Madhukar Shah. The main use of it was for gathering of audience, festivities and celebrations. Diwan e khas is the part of Raja Mahal and was built by Madhukar Shah. Darwar Mahal is a representation of beautiful paintings. Because of its good collection of paintings, it is also called Rangeen Mahal. The hall was used for music and dance rehearsals. Rai Parveen Mahal is named after Rai Parveen, a beautiful woman, talented poet and genius dancer. Most part of this complex is open pavilion which was used for musical and literary gathering. Sheesh Mahal is in neighborhoods of Raja Mahal and Jahangir Mahal. It was built for King Udait Singh and now has been converted into a hotel which gives a royal feeling to guests. The guests are welcomed in traditional Hindu style. Lakshminarayan Temple was built by Veer Singh. The temple resembles a palace and it is also renowned for its painting of walls and ceilings. Jahangir Mahal is famous for friendship of Bundela ruler Veer Singh and Jahangir. The complex has harmonious architecture imbibing Bundela, Mughal, Rajput and Jain architectural styles. It was too built by Veer Singh.        

King Rudra Pratap had commenced the construction of Orchha Fort in 1501 AD but couldn’t complete it. His son Bharti Chandra completed the remaining task and transferred the capital to Orchha from Kundar. Bundelkhand is a region covered by dense forest so the fort was considered almost invincible. This was the reason that tall ramparts and high towers were not built. The thick wall was made to provide seclusion and privacy to people who dwelt in the fort. The fort is built by blending Hindu and Islamic architectural styles. The fort is the best specimen of Bundela architecture. The ramparts and gate in this fort are quite low and most of the fort was constructed by Madhukar Shah and Veer Singh Dev. Stone, brick and mortar were used as material to build this fort.

Madhukar Shah was fond of art literature and music. During his reign, artists used to get prizes. Miniature paintings of this fort and temples around the fort are world famous. All the colors used were natural ones, made by flowers and plants.

Orchha Fort does not have stories of war and defeats. It had a long lasting peace and harmonious atmosphere which made the art possible and flourish. The fort was repaired many times and new sections were added to it. Orchha emerged as a cultural capital in the north.

Light & Sound Show in Orchha Fort starts with the time of Raja Rudra Prasad and describes the architecture of the fort. The show gives a brief of war between Madhukar Shah and Sher Shah Suri. The show describes the story of idol of Lord Ram related with this fort. The show also tells about the friendship of Veer Singh and Jahangir, story of courage of Rai Parveen and Akbar.

Location: Orchha Fort, near Jhansi railway station, Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. It is at a distance of 25 km from Jhansi.

Opening days: Show is organized every day.

Timing of the Show:  The timing of English show in summer is from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm
The timing of English show in winter is from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
The timing of Hindi show in summer is from 8:45 pm to 9:45 pm
The timing of Hindi show in summer is from 7:45 pm to 8:45 pm                

Tickets:  For an adult Rs.100
                 For a child Rs.50

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