Golden Triangle Tour India

The Golden Triangle Tour is one of the most popular tours of India. One of the most epic India tours, it is said and strongly believed that if you want to explore the real and the rich cultural side of India, you should go on the Golden Triangle tour. This tour is basically a tour of three cities and those are Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. It is basically a circuit tour connecting all these three cities. All these cities are close to each other and you can go on a road trip to all these connecting places. The tour is said to be a triangle one because these three cities make for a triangle mark on the map. And it is described as being a golden tour because the three cities involved in this tour are pure gold in terms of depicting Indian culture, heritage, religion, and architecture.

Specialities of the Three Cities – Delhi Agra Jaipur

If you spend a considerable amount of time in this tour, you are bound to explore and experience all shades of Indian culture for sure. Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra all are famous for some gorgeous architecture, grand monuments, and pleasing aesthetics. Jaipur is famous for the grand and royal culture of Rajasthan where the glory of the Rajputs is depicted in every corner. The kind of palaces and monuments that you will explore here is beyond commenting and putting into words. Delhi and Agra are a blend of Mughal and Indian architecture. Agra has a lifestyle that still depicts the Mughal era in some ways including street food, monuments etc. And Delhi is the perfect example of a contemporary city with lavish modern buildings on one side and old Mughal and Indian forts on the other. All the three cities have one thing in common and that is authentic food representing their speciality.

Road Trip – The Best Way to Complete the Golden Triangle Tour

The best way to cover the Golden Triangle tour is by a road trip. The distance of these cities from each other is not so much to take your road journeys boring. Minimum of 3 days is enough to cover each city in a day. You can cover and explore some of the major places in each day and if you want to explore the cities deeply then you can go for longer duration trips and explore each city in depth. And trust us, that is so much more exciting.

Best Time to go on a Golden Triangle Tour

All the three cities Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur have a similar kind of weather because they are very near to each other. During the peak summer season, each of these cities is extremely hot and the climate is humid as well. Summers would be the least preferred season to go on this tour for sure. So, the best time to visit these cities is during the months of October to March and then from August to October when the temperature is either cold or pleasant. The travel condition during these months is comfortable for these particular Indian cities. So, these months are the most favourable ones.

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