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Are you planning to visit India? Then get ready to explore diversity in everything be it weather, architecture, culture, religion, language, food, and so many things. You name it and you will find a variety of it in different cities of India. There is no particular one time the best suited to visit and explore India because various parts of India have different kinds of weather and climate during different months. For example, it is extremely hot during the months of May in West and South side of India but it is pleasant in the Himalayan side. It is extremely cold in the North during the December and January but it is relatively bearable and pleasant in Goa or in the South. So, there is not one climatic condition that allows you to explore all parts of India at once. Also, it depends on the person what kind of atmosphere they like to explore. For example, Himalayas witnesses major snowfall in December and January and if you love snow then this is the best time for you. Here is a categorization or bracketing of climatic zones and the places….

The Himalayas

The best time to visit the Himalayas is during the months of February to May. If you love snow then winter months are the best ones for you.

Kolkata and East India

The summer months are generally very hot and humid in Kolkata (capital of West Bengal) and east Indian state like Odisha. So, the best months are from October to March. The high temperature makes it so not pleasant and bearable to explore the places.

Rajasthan and Central India

October to March again is the best time to explore the tourist destinations in Rajasthan and central India. During the summers and Monsoons, the temperature are utmost unfavourable to spend time and explore. The west side is hot and Rajasthan even faces the drought condition during the summers and deserts are hot. Plus during the Monsoons, you can also witness extreme rainfall in some parts.

Maharashtra and West India

Maharashtra also has varied climate in various cities of the state. But overall, the months between October to March and then from June to September are quite favourable to explore this side.

The Golden Triangle Tour

The best time to be on the golden Triangle tour is between the months of October to March. The summer months become super hot and not bearable enough. You will not be able to handle the highness in the temperature.

Kerela and most of the South India

South India is famous for being hot and humid during the summer months. So, from September to February is the best time to explore the South India. Most parts of South India witness heavy rainfall during the Monsoons that is not suited too. Kerala is best known for its backwaters and Ayurvedic rejuvenation spas. Tamil Nadu in south India is known world over for its temples and architecture.


October to March is the best time to visit Goa. Goa is also famous for hot weather and tropical downpour. So, Monsoons will be mostly about rain that would not let you enjoy the beach time and summers are bad here. So, the peak season is the best season to explore Goa. Even during the winters, the state remains relatively warm.

So, clearly, it depends that which part of India you want to explore in which months. It all depends on the seasons.

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