10 Best Tourist Places to Visit in India in November

The winter is here in November! November is also one of the best times to travel across India and explore the best sides of the country. The weather is damn good, the ease of travelling is higher, and the tourist crowd is relatively less because it is not the holiday season, so packing the bags is the best idea. It is this month when the temperature of the whole country is bearable. One can plan for a laid back luxury vacation or a budgeted vacation to a plethora of places during this time. Here, we are listing the top 10 destinations to visit in India in November.

Bodh Gaya: To begin with an offbeat place to travel to seek serenity is Bodh Gaya in Bihar. This is a Buddhist town that is also a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. There is no better place than Bodh Gaya to reconnect with your inner self through the peaceful and positive vibes of the place. It is basically a holy place and a spiritual retreat for the Buddhists where anyone can visit to have solace. During November, the weather is great in Bihar. Among prominent tourist attractions in Bodh Gaya are Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhi Tree, Architectural Museum etc. Explore Bodh Gaya by opting for one of the Bodhgaya tour packages.

Sunderbans: Definitely one of the gorgeous but extremely underrated place to travel is Sunderbans. It is the most famous wildlife sanctuary of India in West Bengal that is known to be the home of the Bengal tigers. Again, Sunderbans is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Apart from watching the tigers in their fierce natural habitat, spending some time in the dense mangrove forest is so great for the soul. It is a picturesque place so make sure to click tons of pictures here.

Gir: Right from the tigers jumping on to the lions. No, not literally jumping though! Gir in Gujarat is a famous place for the Asiatic Lions. In fact, this is the only place where these lions can be found. The wildlife sanctuary in Gir is one of the best looking sanctuaries we have in India because of these royal lions of course. Also, the ambiance of the sanctuary is next level. To see these beasts in their actual element in the middle of the forests, November is the best time.

Manali: How can you not visit a hill station in the chilly month of November to witness the snow. There is something about the winters and the snow that makes you feel de-stressed completely. The feeling of that waking up in the blanket and watching the snow from the windows, having a hot cup of coffee while wrapped in the blanket, cuddles, snuggles, all these make humans crave for places like Manali in November. A lot of snowy adventure activities can also be tried in this month. Manali is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Himachal. Himachal Pradesh, located in the lap of the Himalayas, is a province of India. Several customizable Manali tour packages are available to choose from. The place is home to several historical monuments and religious shrines. Hadimba Temple, Jagatsukh Temple, Naggar Castle, Rohtang Pass etc are some of the must-see places in Manali.

Pushkar: Pushkar is a pilgrimage site in the country which is also called as the land of temples. This holy town of Rajasthan has a beautiful lake where people come to dive in. The lake is sacred with 52 ghats around it that is again surrounded by the blue coloured temples. Rajasthan’s weather is pleasantly cold during November but also the town holds the very famous Camel fair during this time. It is a lovely and one of a kind fest to be a part of. Pushkar Lake, Brahma Temple, Varaha Temple, Sriranga Temple, Savitri Temple, Gayatri Temple etc are some of the most visited tourist attractions in Pushkar. The town holds immense attraction among the global tourists for Pushkar Camel Fair held in October / November every year. Another world-renowned A tourist interested to explore this religious and cultural center in Rajasthan, can opt for one of the Pushkar tour packages.

Sanchi: Another epitome of Buddhist art and architecture is Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh. Owing to its ancient remnants, this place is again a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Sanchi is known for its stupas and is collectively called as the Sanchi Stupa. This is a beautiful place to explore, click pictures, seek serenity, and soak in all the good vibes. Along with the stupa, there are so many monasteries to explore in the city. Exploring the quaint village nearby is also a great option.

Jaipur: One of the most splendid tourist places in India is Jaipur in Rajasthan. The pink city is livelier, prettier, and totally gorgeous in the month of Jaipur. Jaipur is one of the most photographed cities in the world that is filled with tons of sight-seeing options. The city is filled with palaces, forts, museums, and the entire royal feels. In the month of November, Jaipur feels great because of the weather. Also, Jaipur is more about feeling the royal vibes of the city. There are several forts & palaces like Ram Bagh Palace, Amber Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jal Mahal, City Palace etc. Highly revered temples like Govind Dev Ji Temple, Galta Ji, Birla Temple, Jagat Shiromani Temple etc are visited by faithful Hindus in large numbers. While on Jaipur tour, don’t miss to visit Hawa Mahal and Panna Meena Ka Kund. Jaipur tour packages are many a times part of Golden Triangle tour packages, Rajasthan tour packages and North India tour packages.

Haridwar: Another very important pilgrimage sight of India is Haridwar. In fact, Haridwar is a prominent place of worship in India. Haridwar is even more important because of the Maha Kumbh Mela that is held here. This sacred city is located on the banks of the river Ganges which is the holiest river of the country. Spots like Har ki Pauri, River Ganga, the ghats, and lots of temples in the city make this an important place of worship. Haridwar tour packages are quite customizable.

Chennai: Chennai today is a fancy metropolitan city but it has a glorious past. The country has enough rich and diverse past that can be explored even today. The city also has a connection of the British era in the past that can be seen in the traditional buildings of the city. Chennai faces extreme hot and humid weather throughout and the winter months are only a feeling of relief here. There are touristy places here too with the ever so famous Chennai beach.

Ujjain: Finally, the Ujjain city located on the banks of river Kshipra is one of the best places to explore in the month of November. This ancient city is another important pilgrimage spot because of Lord Shiva’s Jyotirlinga present here. This is the Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga in the Mahakaal temple of the city. There are other temples in the city too like Bade Ganesh Temple and Harsiddhi Temple. The best time to visit Ujjain is also during the Maha Kumbh Mela.

November will be a lot more fun if you decide to head out to any of these places for a chilled vacation. These places would surely fascinate you to the core making your travel filled with adventures.

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