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Panna National Park

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Panna National Park is one of the popular-most wildlife tourist destinations in India. Panna National park is situated in Vindhya Hills in northern Madhya Pradesh, India. The park is spread over an area of about 542 km square. Declared as a tiger reserve of India in 1994, it is twenty second tiger reserve in India and fifth in Madhya Pradesh. For its good maintenance this park has got “Award of Excellence” by Ministry of Tourism, in 2007. The national park has elements to make a tourist feel peaceful as well as thrilled as the park is home for many varieties of flora, fauna and animals. Ken River flows through Panna hills and this national park is a land of beautiful and peaceful waterfalls. It surely quenches tourists’ thirst to enjoy natural atmosphere of birds, animals, tree and many more related to the nature. There are two entry gates of the park; one is Madla gate and another is Hinauta gate.

Seeing a tiger is a chance always, although those are seen on some regular basis. Other animals like nilgai, chinkara, cheetal, langoor are seen frequently. Early mornings and evenings are better to visit as during these times more animals are seen wandering. The park, consisting of animals & birds, is replete with mond-boggling biodiversity as under…

Mammals: In addition to tigers, the national park is home for leopard, chinkara, sambar, sloth bear, wolf, wild dogs, hyaena, caracal, chital, chowsingha.

Birds: The Park is home for more than 200 species of birds. Barheaded goose, honey buzzard, white neck stork, paradise flycatcher, slaty headed scimitar babbler and blossom headed parakeet are found here. One can also see vultures during your visit.Vulture are spotted more near Ken river site.

Reptiles: Varieties of snakes are found in the park.Ghariyal a kind of crocodileis found in Indian subcontinent only.

Trees: The Panna National Park is situated on Vindhya hill range which is suitable for dry trees. Small and large grassland areas are very prominent. Trees like bamboo, kardhai, mahua, bel, salai and others are found on a large scale.

Other Main Attractions: Except the wild life, there are some other interesting tourist attractions, highlighting rich natural, cultural and historical heritage. Notable tourist attractions are as under…..

Pandav Falls: It is a 100 ft. high waterfall. It alone attracts many people to enjoy and appreciate exclusively the beauty and peace of this place.

Raneh Falls: Formed by Ken River itself, water falls from a height of 98 ft. on crystalline granite. The view shows shade of pink grey and red.

Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary: A specific type of crocodile that is found in India only and is known as Ghariyal, are found in Ken River.

Ken Boating Site: Some part of Ken River is dedicated to boating. While boating in Ken River one can enjoy chirping of birds and other beauty of nature.

Mahamati Pran Nath Ji Temple: Swami Pran Nath Ji has lived at this place for almost 11 years and then he had taken ‘samadhi’ at this place. Pranami pilgrims visit this place during Sharad Purnima. Mahamati Pran Nath Ji Temple was built in 1692. The structure of the temple is divided into six parts known as Shri Gummat Ji, Shri Bangala Ji, Shri Sadguru Mandir, Shri Khijada Mandir, Shri Baijuraj Ji Mandir and Shri Chopada Mandir. The main attraction of this temple is Shri Gummaat Ji, having a circular structure which consists of nine domes made of marble. One large dome in center and other eight domes represent the eight directions.

Baldeoji Temple: the temple is built in Paladin style. A black Shaligrami stone idol of Baldeoji is placed in this temple.

Khajuraho, one of the major attractions of Indian tourism, is near to Panna National park. As a result, this park is accompanies by superior infrastructure. Many visitors prefer to stay in a hotel in Khajuraho and visit the national park from there. There are few hotels and resort nearby the national park for stay.

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