Raja Ram Temple Orchha

Raja Ram Temple Orchha
Vital Information for Visitors

Raja Ram Temple, Survey No. 457, Jhansi Tikamgargh Road, Tikamgargh, Orchha.

Open & Close:

Open on all day

Visiting Timing:

08:00 AM – 01:00 PM
04:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Entry Fees:



30 Min to 1 Hour


Daily Guard of Honour (armed salutation) by police personnel to Raj Ram.

Orchha’s impressive temples date back to the seventeenth century. Those are still in use today and are visited regularly by thousands of devotees. In the center of the modern town is the Raja Ram Temple or Ram Raja Mandir with its soaring spires. Originally a palace, it was turned into a temple when an idol of Lord Ram, temporarily installed, proved impossible to move. It is probably the only temple in India where Lord Ram is worshipped as King Ram and, therefore, Orchha is also called as a Kingdom of Raja Ram. The wife of King Madhukar Shah Ju Dev, named Ganesh Kunwari, was a devotee of Lord Ram. She always prayed Him with extreme devotion. It is said that due to her meditation, she brought Lord Ram to Orchha from Ayodhya along with several other saints. This temple was constructed in the memory of God Ram in 1631 AD.

As per the legend, the Raja Ram Temple was once the palace of Queen Ganesh Kunwari, the wife of Madhukar Shah, the then king of Orchha. The ‘Ram Lalla- Ram in child form’ idol appeared in her lap while she was worshipping Lord Ram in Ayodhya. On Queen Ganesh Kunwari’s request, Lord Ram agreed to move to Orchha but with a rider that the first place where she will seat Him will become His final place to stay. Madhukar Shah was constructing a temple to be the seat of Lord Ram but by the time queen reached Orchha, temple was under construction. Therefore, she went directly to her palace (Ranivaas or Rani Mahal) and put the idol in the kitchen of the palace. Hereinafter, Lord Ram took over the queen’s palace that eventually became the Raja Ram Temple of Orchha. Owing to this reason, the building is not an ornate North Indian style architecture rather the Raja Ram Temple resembles a palace. The significance of the Raja Ram Temple can be gauged by a popular belief that Lord Ram resides in Ayodhya by day and sleeps in Orchha at night.

One of the most notable aspects of the temple is that after morning & evening ‘aarti’ a battalion of local police personnel offers Guard of Honour (armed salutation) to the presiding deity Lord Ram, the reigning king of Orchha, much in the manner of a king. There is a very beautiful painting of Kuwari Ganesh and Lord Ram sitting in her lap. Either sides of the pathway leading to the temple are cluttered with lot of shops selling flowers, Incense sticks and ‘prasadam’.

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