Arts and Crafts of Odisha

Odisha is characterized by great tradion of arts, crafts and craftsmanship. Arts & crafts of Odisha are inspired by Hindu religious beliefs and expressions of Nature. The people of Odisha are simple and friendly to strangers, and even the fascinating primitive Adivasi hill tribes are gentle, though reserved. They follow the traditional craftsmanship of their forefathers and have a child’s love of bright colors, in their handloom silks and stunning children’s toys (which any adult would like too!). They also make exquisite silver filigree jewelry, intricate woodcarvings, soapstone carvings of Hindu deities, and colorful votive paintings on canvas.

Odisha's rich tradition of art and craft attract visitors in large numbers. The classical dance from Odissi, originating between the 8th and 11th century AD and taken from the temple sculptures, has its unique style expressed through various bhangimas and mudras. The martial dance form Chhau and a number of folk dances can keep the visitors spellbound. A festival of classic dances performed by the celebrate danseuse of the country in an open-air auditorium with the famous Sun Temple as the backdrop is organized by the Department of Tourism annually at Konark. The five-day long festival, beginning from December 1 every year has become quite popular amongst the visitors coming from all parts of India and abroad.

Odisha has a great tradition of handlooms. Orissa's own process of weaving textile with remarkable craftsmanship speaks highly of its tradition. Ikat, the gloriously woven, blurry-edged, multi-colored design in gorgeous yarns of silk and cotton has become synonymous with Odisha. The intricate process of tie and dye and weaving the colored yarns produce the most delightful designs in multihued tones, in motifs drawn from the richness of nature, in threads both silken and gold on saris, the traditional wear of India ladies. These are produced in almost all the districts of Odisha, through Cuttack, Sambalpur, Sonepur, Boudh, Ganjam have their own brand of textile woven by master weavers.

Odisha is famous all around the globe for its Applique and Pata paintings. Appliques of Pipili in Odisha, despite being an old temple art, has found its way to the world market, as also the Pata painting of Raghurajpur. Understanding the immense potential of these, the Government of India has declared these two palaces to be showcased in the rural tourism.

The refined craftsmanship of the people of Odisha can be seen in the metal crafts. The traditional dhokra work is a typical tribal craft in bronze, by the lost-wax casting method with its metal-like feature giving the art object its distinctive beauty. The tribal families in Sadeiberini, a village near Phulbani, Kaimati (Keonjhar), produce this unusual craft. The famous flexible fish is made at Belgunth in the Ganjam district.

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