At a Glance
2,345 sq.kms
Geo Location
South West
Average Climate
15°C - 37°C
Best time to visit
September - May

Kozhikode first came into being when it was visited by Vasco de Gama in 1498 AD. The thrilling land is the amalgamation of golden coasts, verdant jungles and a rich historical heritage. Each street, fort and the beach at present bears its unspeakable stories and memory of the past. Kozhikode was a center of international trade of spices during the medieval period. The area was the apple of many eyes of invaders namely the Dutch, French and later British. In order to get control of this territory and authority over it, these foreign traders fought fierce wars in sea and on land.

According to historians, the name was derived from two words - koyil (the palace) and kotta (the fort). The neighborhood was once surrounded by the fort built by its ruler Zamorin, who encouraged trade with the Arabs by giving special concessions. It was then Kozhikode captured the imagination of many invaders. The Arabs used to call it by the name Kalikat. For the Chinese it was Kalifo and for Europeans, Calicut (Kozhikode).

Everything from history to culture of Kozhikode is distinct. It is only in Kozhikode that a woman continues to live in their hereditary house while their husbands visit them in the evening only. In fact in some part of Kozhikode, tourists will find that a certain colorful cross rides aboard all the representation of facts and fiction. CSI Church, Pattalam mosque and Commonwealth Rouet are some of the prominent places that should be witnessed on a trip to Kozhikode.

Apart from its mystical charm, there are other places here that attract tourists to Kozhikode. Dauphin Point, Lions Park and Sea Water Aquarium are the huge places that are worth a visit while traveling to Kozhikode.

A few minutes’ drive from Kozhikode will take tourists to a beach where Vasco de Gama first established his footsteps with 170 other men-Kappad Beach. One can also visit Beypore Beach which is a famous boat building centre.

Things to do in Kozhikode

To experience the unique culture of Kerala, tourists can visit the Iringa Crafts Village. Here artisans are encouraged to show their skills and sell their products to tourists. Art and craft workshops are also available to learn about Kerala art and craft.

The visit of Bypore, a small port located close to Kozhikode. This ancient port is in news since time of Arabs, Chinese and European invaded Kerala.

Kalalundi bird watching. Here tourists can discover over 60 varieties of birds, fish, crabs and mussels as well.

Top Things to Do in Kozhikode

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