Kishangarh Fort

The Fort Kishangarh is a very huge and beautiful. It was built by the Maharaja of Kishangarh during the seventeenth century. This fort depicts the rich and complex mixture of Rajput and Mughal architecture. In this fort, you can witness the nine turreted ramparts, arsenals, granaries, prisons and foundries.

Huge Durbar Hall with two floors is beautified by amazing trellis work on the windows which are especially made for the queens to see the events of the yard. The fort is enclosed by a huge fortified wall which makes it one of the strongest forts for defense against enemy attacks. Attractive trellis work on the walls and roofs of Fort Kishangarh is one of the most unusual structures of the state. The fort of Kishangarh is one of the few unconquered forts of India.

You can also visit Phool Mahal (the Flower Palace) that is also known for the work of complex craftsmanship and good architecture. The palace is a great example of the splendor of the Rathors of Rajasthan. The walls of Phool Mahal are decorated by the striking wall paintings and admirable frescoes of the 18th century. The beautiful Phool Mahal has been converted into a luxury heritage hotel. This palace has a massive and stunning courtyard and attractive fountains. You can have the panoramic view of the Kishangarh city from the roof of the fort.

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