Kovalam Beach

Kovalam, a beach town, sixteen km away from Thriruananthapuram, spreads on silk-soft sand. This calm and quiet resort is one of the finest beaches in India. Kovalam is the most brilliant beach and the brightest coastline in India and has left its footprints on the international border as well. With such a beautiful landscape, Kovalam is a place of surprise for people who are looking for an leisure time with their loved ones. Here tourists can find something or other to keep people of each age busy. Snorkeling, kayaking, boat trips and coastal walks keep everyone buzzing.

Spread over an area of 17 sq km, Kovalam is a set of three adjacent coasts, sharing shores with each other - Lighthouse, Hawah and Samudra. All these ribs together form a crescent shape. The most spectacular among the three coasts is the lighthouse. The beach side is a rich amalgamation of fresh air, rocky waves, swinging palm edges and blue-green water that is best suited for water sports activities.

The term 'Kovalam' is derived from the Malayalam language which means ‘a groove of coconut trees’. The name is very suitable for the city since it has an abundance of coconut groves. The beach of Kovalam has been a favorite place for tourists since 1930. It was the British who discovered and developed this peaceful land to indulge in some leisure time. The beach was built by Sethu Lakshmi Bayi of Travancore as a private holiday destination. The beach grew to popularity in the 1950s when the commander's people confining to the continents began coming here to indulge in leisure. Thiruvanthampuram, the capital of Kerala, is located very close to Kovalam.

Apart from indulging in the beach activities, there are plenty of places to explore in Kovalam. The Ashoka Beach, the Peaceful Castle, the Cave Temple of the Rock, Lake Vellayani, Neyyar Dam, Karamana River, Lake Vellayani, Vizhinjam Marine Aquarium, Shri Chitra Art Gallery, Napier Museum Art and Gallery are places you can visit during the trip to Kovalam. Relax, rejuvenate and refresh after the fun of an amazing Ayurvedic Spa session on the shore of Kovalam Beach. For those looking for a break from the rigorous metropolitan lifestyle, Kovalam Beach is the place to be. The beach offers the perfect background for yoga too.

The Activities to Do in Kovalam

Situated 16 kms south of Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandum), Kovalam is a popular seaside resort, one of the favorite beaches of tourists since 1930. It consists of a succession of three small beaches, the most famous of which is the Light House. The Kovalam bays lined with palm trees and coconut trees are the ideal setting for a relaxing stay in the sun. Visitors also flock to enjoy Ayurvedic treatments and yoga and meditation classes. You will keep from Kovalam the image of these coconut trees lined up facing the calm blue water of the bay.

Kovalam is replete with large number of hotels, resorts, modern cottages. These resorts offer facilities for aquatic sports, yoga and oil massage treatment according to the Ayurvedic system and an open-air theatre for the performance of the Kathakali dance.

For surfing enthusiasts, there is Surf Club Kovalam.

Rejuvenate yourself with various masses of Ayurveda, designed to calm both body and soul. Discover the underwater world by swimming with a snorkel at the Eve beach.

Visit the villages around Kovalam. Here tourists can see and buy some unique artefacts, inlay work, textile block printing, stone size, etc. It is an ideal place to take ethnic trinkets and other items.

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