How to Reach Kanchipuram

The Kashi of South India, Kanchipuram is connected with almost all major cities of India, in particular Tamil Nadu. It can easily be reached by road and train. An ancient historical city, Kanchipuram is one of the holy cities of India. During the reign of Pandya and Pallava dynasties, it served as capital of their empires in Tamil Nadu and adjoining region. Famous for its ancient and highly venerated temples, Kanchipuram, popularly called as Kanchi & known as Golden City of Thousand Temples, is a religious city in Tamil Nadu. Located on the banks of River Vegavathi, a tributary of River Palar, Kanchipuram is has great religious significance for the Hindu and is considered one of the most seven cities in India.

Reach Kanchipuram by Air: The nearest international cum domestic airport to Kanchipuram is located in Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu. After landing at Chennai airport, one can easily available cab to reach Kanchipuram in about an hour. A traveler, after reaching Tirupati airport by flight, can hire taxi to reach Kanchipuram.

Reach Kanchipuram by Train: 85 meters above sea level, Kanchipuram is a regular railway station with three platforms in southern zone. More than 12 trains pass through it, connecting all major railway stations in India, particularly Chennai, Madurai and Puducherry.

Reach Kanchipuram by Road: Being a holy city since the time immemorial, Kanchipuram has always been visited by the pilgrims in large numbers. Silk sarees and other crafts of international fame make it equally important in commercial activities. During the reign of Pandya and Pallava dynasties, it was cultural and political hub. These aspects of Kanchipuram indicate its connectivity with all major cities of Tamil Nadu and adjoining states by road. Excellent bus services are available from Chennai, Tirupati, Puducherry, Bangalore etc. From Mahabalipuram and Chennai, one can reach Kanchipuram in a span of two hours only by cab/ taxi/ car. You can easily get buses to Kanchipuram. Public and private buses run for this city on a regular basis.

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