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Vyas Chhatri, Bada Bagh, Ramgarh Road, Ram Kund, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

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Open on all days

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08 AM – 12:00 PM

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ForIndians – Nil

Forforeigner – INR 10 pp

Approx 1-2 hrs


Ancient Jain temples



Historical village Lodurva in Jaisalmer was once a thriving city on the trade route of Thar desert. In 9th Century, Deoraj of Bhatti clan, won Lodurva, developed & made it the capital. Once flourishing city, came under successive and frequent attacks of foreign Muslim invaders. Lodurva, the city before Jaisalmer took birth as the kingdom for the Bhatti clan, is a city with glorious past. It witnessed many wars. Though in shambles at present but it still retains monuments & memories for generations to come & for people to see. More than thousand years ago, the Bhatti rulers were based out in Lodurva, until the attacks and wars that followed and took down the city. After which, the ruler Rawal Jaisal founded Jaisalmer and built Jaisalmer Fort on Trikuta Hills for greater protection and safety. Even though the people moved to Jaisalmer and Lodurva was left abandoned but forts & temples stayed in place, with their share of stories to narrate. Now, Lodurva is popular amongst the tourists for its archaeological ruins, sand dunes, Jain temples, ancient Shiv temple and the love tales of Princess Mumal & Mahendra.

Among various monuments and attractions of Lodurva, beautifully built Jain temples hold special significance. Though the Jain temples of Lodurva were originally constructed in 11th century but were looted, pillages and destroyed by fanatic Muslim invaders like Mahmud of Ghajani and Mohammad Ghori. Those temples were reconstructed in following centuries. Standing in all their glory, the Jain temple of Lodurva have been built of bright yellow sandstone and architectural style is similar to Dilwara Jain temples. Dedicated to 23rd Jain Tirthankar, Lord Parshvanath, the beautiful temple is decorated with his images & idols. What make it even more gorgeous to the eyes are the ‘jaali’-work & the splendid arch. Fortified & octagonal shaped pyramid roof covers the space. The complex has a number of temples. Rishabhnath Temple, placed close to the ruins of the Moonal Palace, is worth watching. It is said that the river Kak used to flow from here back in time. Shambhavnath Temple is another temple within the complex and dedicated to Jain Tirthankar Shambhavnath. All of these temples are said to have been built in the year 1618 AD. The carvings, stone work, light play through the jaalis & majestic ‘Tree Of Life’ (Kalptaru) make it a place rich in history and glory. The tree of life is a legendary tree, a ‘wish fulfiller’ or a place where the wishes of people come true. With that belief in mind, every visitor makes wish there.

An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is also situated in Lodurva. Usually, Lodurva is visited by tourists interested in archaeology, history or pilgrimage. The Jain temples are visited as a part of the temple trail. The aura & vibe of Lodurva and its remaining monuments is peaceful and relaxing. One fact must benoted that Jain temples can be visited from morning to noon only by non-Jain visitors. Thereafter, it remains accessible and open only for the Jain faithful.

Another interesting feature of Lodurva is large number of peacocks. Amar Sagar, an artificial water reservoir attached to a temple for religious purposes, is lifeline for the beautiful birds. To watch peacocks dancing, is a pleasant sight. The faithful believe that the peacocks dance to the lord’s tunes.

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