5 Days Mumbai Ajanta Ellora Tour

  5 Days / 4 Nights

   Mumbai – Aurangabad – Ajanta - Ellora

5 Days Mumbai Ajanta Ellora Tour is one of the most popular top 10 India tour packages. Named after Goddess Mumba, Mumbai, a strategically located historic site and commercial capital of India now-a-days, offers a pleasant journey from ancient monuments like Elephanta & Kanheri rock-cut temples and Buddhist chapels to modern & colonial era buildings, memorials & museums. Ajanta & Ellora, in the vicinity of Aurangabad, are UNESCO World Heritage sites and one of the best examples of heritage of India. Intricately carved & tastefully painted elaborate sculptures, Buddhist ‘chaityas’ & ‘viharas’, Hindu & Jain temples are mesmerizingly enchanting. These rock-cut temples & Buddhist chapels & monasteries are the best specimens of zenith of Indian architectural finesse.

Day 1

Mumbai arrival

You will be received by Optima Travels’ representative at the airport/ railway station and transferred to Mumbai hotel, ensuring smooth and quick check in. During the course of drive to hotel, he will summarize the trip details, detail about various aspects of the excursions & sightseeing and hand-over the vouchers / documents. Spend evening at leisure and have overnight stay therein.

Day 2


Enjoying scrumptious breakfast, move on for a guided tour of Elephanta Rock-cut Temples & salient attractions of Mumbai. Elephanta is an island located 10 kms from Mumbai and reached by steamer boat. Significant portions of Elephanta rock-cut temples were built by Pulakesin II of the Chalukyas of Badami. The island where Elephanta temples are located was known as Gharapuri (island of caves). There are five Hindu temples & two Buddhist shrines. Buddhist stupas in Elephanta belong to 2nd century BC. The sculptures of Elephanta temples were severely damaged by the Portuguese. Even, European travelers have mentioned the vandalism caused during the Portuguese rule. They used numerous sculptured panels as aims for soldiers’ shooting practices, hence, the lower parts destroyed and faces disfigured. From touristic point of view, Elephanta island is divided into three parts / zones- Western hills, Eastern hills & Top of the island. Western hills are home to five caves characterized by Hindu temples & shrines. Some of the famous sculptures include Ravan holding up the Kailash, Shiva-Parvati on Kailash, Ardhanarishvara, Trimurti, wedding of Shiva, Linga, Nataraja and Kartikeya Hills on the eastern side of island are home to caves with carvings related to Buddhism & Jataka and a ‘stupa’. It is, therefore, called Stupa Hill. At the top of the highest hill of Elephanta Island are placed several cannons, hence called Cannon Hills.

Having seen Elephanta, return to Mumbai. In the afternoon, visit Gateway of India, Prince of Wales Museum, Mani Bhawan (Gandhi Memorial Museum), Jain Temple, Hanging Garden, Dhobi Ghat & Crawford Market. Later in the evening, return to hotel to spend evening in leisure and have overnight stay.

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Day 3

Kanheri Buddhist caves – Aurangabad (by air)

Guided excursion to Kanheri caves will commence immediately after breakfast and check-out formalities. These rock-cut caves are ‘viharas’ or chapels of Buddhist monks were mostly chiseled out and beautified during Mauryan and Kushan rule. The Kanheri caves had come in existence in 1st century BC but the work continued till 10th century. These caves as ‘viharas’ served perfect aloofness amidst lush forest for the Buddhist monks to meditate, study and practice Buddhist way of life. The jungle around Kanheri Caves has been declared a protected wildlife area, spread over 9000 hectares, and named Sanjay Gandhi National Park. It really offers great insight into the then lifestyle of the Buddhist monks when one explores its dining halls, dormitories, water cisterns and also a traditional and ancient approach towards architecture. In order to reach 109 Kanheri caves, one has to pass 6 kms distance through Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

While driving through Mumbai towards Kanheri caves, you will see the houses of various Bollywood stars from a distance. On the way, you will be taken to visit Mount Merry Church (Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount). First built in 1640 and then rebuilt in 1761, Mount Merry Church is located on the top of Sunderban Bandra hill, offering great view of Arabian Sea. A weeklong celebration in September, known as the 'Bandra Fair' or the 'Feast of Mount Mary' attracts a large cache of Roman Catholic faithful from across the globe. After sightseeing, return to Mumbai to be transferred to Mumbai airport to board flight for Aurangabad, the major city to be base for Ajanta & Ellora sightseeing. On arrival at Aurangabad, you will be received by our representative and transferred to the hotel for overnight stay.

Day 4

Aurangabad – Ajanta -Aurangabad

Ajanta is 2 hour drive away from Aurangabad. Having enjoyed delicious breakfast, proceed on for a guided excursion to Ajanta cave temples. The Ajanta caves were carved out of solid rock-hills during 2nd Century BC and 650th Century AD. These caves were Buddhist ‘viharas’ (chapels), decorated with frescoes, statues and sculptures that illustrate the life of Buddha. The beauty, cultural portrayals, intricate carvings and antiquity earned the Ajanta Caves UNESCO World Heritage status in 1983 Out of 30 caves, some caves served as refuge for the monks during rainy season in particular and remaining caves were used as prayer rooms and meeting rooms. With the decline of Buddhism, these caves were abandoned by the Buddhists and, thus, slipped into oblivion until an English commander discovered Ajanta caves for the modern world. Having explored Ajanta, return to hotel to spend evening in leisure and have overnight stay.

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Day 5

Ellora & Aurangabad sightseeing – Mumbai (by air) - Departure

After scrumptious breakfast, check out from hotel to proceed on for guided sightseeing of Ellora, Devgiri (Daulatabad) Fort & Panchakki. The caves temples of Ellora, real architectural feat, are feast to the eyes. There are 34 caves, stretched over 2 km long hill, dug out of rock hills. These rock-cut caves can be categorized into temples, ‘chaityas’ (monasteries) & ‘viharas’ (chapels). Ellora, a true open-air museum, traces several centuries of the religious history of India. The caves scroll before our eyes, sometimes Buddhist, Hindu or Jain, as a testimony of inherent tolerance. Unsurprisingly, Ellora has its place in UNESCO World Heritage. Housed in cave number 16, the temple of Kailasanatha is perhaps the most beautiful monument in Ellora. It contains the largest monolithic sculpture in the world that was carved as a single block by 7000 workers over duration of 150 years! The Kailashnatha Temple was chiseled from top to bottom. It is estimated that 200 000 tonnes of rock had to be evacuated. It is embellished with beautifully carved sculptures in the rock. For Hindus, this cave represents Mount Kailash, the home of Shiva in the Himalayan mountain range.

After visiting Ellora cave temples, you will be taken to visit Devgiri Fort Panchakki. Devgiri Fort was rechristened as Daulatabad Fort after Muhammed Bin Tughlaq of Delhi Sultanate captured it. The Devgiri Fort was built by the Yadavas. Devagiri Fort, sprawled over 94.83 hectares of area with its two moats and three encircling fortifications, is located on a 200 meter high hill. Panchakki is a water mill that was built in 14th century. It utilizes water from a man-made reservoir to grind grains for the pilgrims and troops.

After sightseeing, you will be transferred to Aurangabad airport to board flight for Mumbai. On arrival at Mumbai, board flight for your onward destination.

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