Cruises Tours in India

Cruises tours in India are synonymous with river cruises. Cruise tour packages in India are traveling the holy rivers of India that unfolds magical water world, fascinating wildlife and cultural highlights. As the unforgettable highlight of a trip to India, Optima Travels offers you the option of river cruises. These cruises are booked separately from other travel. The great rivers of India have been considered sacred for thousands of years. They are popular destinations for an extended pilgrimage, often extending from the source to the estuary, passing through countless places of pilgrimage on the way. Nowhere in India is life more original and genuine than in the mystical atmosphere of its major waterways. Here, traditional symbols of Indian culture come to life before your eyes. Feel the eternal flow of life, the awakening of awareness with the rising sun and the pathways towards the vast sea of knowledge.

The peaceful yet comfortable experience of traveling by “floating hotel” (big luxurious ship) allows you, day by day, to immerse yourself more deeply into the atmospheric beauty of a timeless water world, flanked by extensive lush green forests and wetlands. Fascinating cultural attractions, exquisite wildlife experiences and the vibrant diversity of life in India awaits you on numerous shore excursions. With the Brahmaputra and the Hugli, the tributary of the Ganges, we offer two river cruise options in northeastern India, each with its own unique charm. Government of India is endeavouring to bring the cruise tours till Varanasi. The cruise ships are designed in a nostalgic colonial style and offer comfortable, air-conditioned cabins with shower and bathroom, excellent service and a varied cuisine. The public spaces and the cozy salon are also air-conditioned, and there is an inviting sun deck to relax on.

On the Brahmaputra, you are amidst the magnificent scenic beauty of the Indian states of Assam and West Bengal. This majestic river, with a total length of more than 3000 km, passes by jungle landscapes and lush tea plantations, spreading out here and there to a 20 to 30 km wide water world of sand banks and endless expanses. The outstanding highlights of a Brahmaputra cruise are exquisite wildlife safaris and elephant rides in various species-rich national parks such as Kaziranga, Manas and the famous Orangh Mukh, which is the habitat, among many other wild animals, of the one-horned rhinoceros. Other attractions on and around the Brahmaputra are the rich bird life and the rare river dolphins. Depending on the route chosen, possible cultural attractions are the old Ahom capital of Sibsagar, the silk-weaving village of Sualkuchi, the temples of Tezpur and Madan and the Majuli Island, with its monastery-like Hindu communities that are known for their traditional dance dramas. Various route sections of different duration can be combined as per your wishes. The season for Brahmaputra cruises is from October to April. The Hooghly River, a 260 km long delta distributary of the Ganges, is a more “cozy” waterway that runs through the rural area of West Bengal, passing villages, jute fields and mango plantations. Shore excursions focus on examples of Hindu, Islamic and colonial culture. Depending on the location, shore trips are made by bus, cycle rickshaw or on foot and lead to monuments, temples, towns and villages. Places to visit include the archaeological sites of Sri Surya Prahar, the silk-weaving village of Sualkuchi, the former Nawab capital Murshidabad, Bengali terracotta temples, former trading establishments from the colonial era and the remains of the medieval Islamic city of Gaur. Hugli cruises are available throughout the year.

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