Mount Abu Tour Packages

Mount Abu Tour Packages offer opportunity to experience the calm and peace of the only hill station of Rajasthan. Mount Abu is not only an attractive "hill station" situated at 4000 ft., it is a place of Jain pilgrimage famed for its Dilwara temples, outstanding specimens of medieval Indian stone- carving. Originally a centre of the cult of Siva, by the 11th century it became the Jainist religious stronghold. Abu was known in Hindu legend as the son of the Himalayas and it was here that Vashishtha, the great sage of the epic period, established his ashram — something between a hermitage and a seat of learning. It was from out of his sacrificial fire that the four Rajput clans are said to have originated.

High up in the steep valleys between the rocky peaks are five Jain shrines. Among these the Vimala Vasahi Temple and the Tejpal Temple have made the fame of Mount Abu. For ornamental skill in intricate stone works, and as pieces of architectural virtuosity, they stand by themselves in the history of stone-carving. Mount Abu trip is incomplete if Dilwara temples are not visited.

In addition to historical and religious sightseeing, Mount Abu tours unfold natural bounty of the region. Not far from Dilwara, the Nakki Lake is studded with small islets. The Toad Rock presents the outline of a giant toad ready to jump into the waters below. This lake derives its name from the legend that it was created by the gods who, presumably thirsty, dug it out with their nails for which the word in Sanskrit is ‘nakh’. A number of temples and the cave- dwellings of ascetics skirt its banks. There are many other beauty-spots in and around Mt. Abu: the Crags, Robert’s Spur, Gaumukh and Sunset Point.

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