Lothal Tour Packages

Lothal tour packages offer a great opportunity to see and experience the evolution of civilization. In local language, Lothal means ‘Mound of the Dead’. Lothal, a dry shipyard of Indus Valley Civilization era and the first-ever man-built jetty, is a historical site depicting India’s exceptionally developed existence on the map of the then world order. Lothal, 106 kilometers from Ahmedabad, is a settlement where one can stroll through streets that flourished 4,000 years ago. It is a metropolis of the II millennium BC that was discovered only 40 years ago and where one can see the vestiges of a great city of streets designed in the form of a chessboard. The streets divided the city into blocks. The houses had chimney and bathroom and a complicated system of underground drainage. Lothal tours help a visitor to realize the strides human civilization has made since then. Being near to Amedabad, Lothal is easily accessible.

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