Kanchipuram Tour Packages

Tourism in Kanchipuram centers round grandiose and highly venerated temples along with exploring wide range of silk sarees, famous as ‘Kanjhivaram’. Kanchipuram tour packages are mostly part of itineraries of south India tours, particularly Tamil Nadu tour packages. Kanchipuram, the "Golden City", is one of the seven holy cities of India. Kanchipuram is characterized by lofty ‘gopurams’ and tall ‘shikharas’. Kanchipuram is said to have more than thousand temples. Among the most revered temples in Kanchipuram are Ekambareswara Temple, Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple, Sri Kailasanath Temple, Sri Vaikuntha Perumal Temple and Sri Varadaraja Temple. On the edge of the city, the Kailasanatha Temple of the late 7th century, in excellent condition, is a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture. This temple can be visited by non-Hindus as well, unlike other temples. To the north-east, 59-feet high gopuram is indicative of Ekambareshvara Temple with thousand pillared hall. Go down to the southeast of the city and find the Vaikuntha Perumal temple with its gallery of beautiful sculptures. Next, visit Varadaraja Swami temple, famous for its ‘mandapam’ with 96 carved pillars. Tour to Kanchipuram remains incomplete without visiting city's famous silk weaving workshops.

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