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Ahmedabad tour is mostly part of greater Gujarat & west India tours. Ahmedabad is one of the major tourist destinations of Gujarat and, hence, Ahmedabad tour packages offer a lot of historical monuments and architectural gems to view. The cultural legacy, lifestyle of people, modern developments, cultural festivals etc are visited and seen by the tourists. Ahmedabad, the largest city in Gujarat, blends an ancient heritage with a vibrant present. The city bears the name of a Sultan who founded it in 1411 and honored it with splendid monuments. Ahmedabad is also known for its association with peace apostle Mahatma Gandhi whose ashram, now a national pilgrimage site, is on the banks of Sabarmati River. Ahmedabad is the second largest prosperous city in western India. It is a place where tradition and modernity coexist in perfect harmony.

Ahmedabad was a city where much action, reaction and interaction between various ethnic and linguistic forces took place that resulted in the synthesis of many races, religions and cultures. It will all be visible and palpable during trip to Ahmedabad. Many historical monuments like Bhadra Fort, Hatheesing Temple, Jama Masjid, Shaking Minarets, Sidi Saiyyed mosque, Adalaj Vav, Rani Rupmati mosque, Sabarmati Ashrama, Teen Darwaza etc are worth watching. Among the prominent modern attractions are Gandhi Ashrama, Balvatika, Kankaria Lake etc. It will be a real cultural pageant to tour Ahmedabad during Tarnetar Fair and Kite Festival. Tarnetar Fair is one of the most colorful events in the state of Gujarat. This three- days fair is held at Shiva Temple or Trinetreshwar (God with Three Eyes), popularly known as Tarnetar. It is estimated that the fair has been maintained this ancient site since antiquity. A popular belief associates the village fair with the story of Draupadi Swayamvar. Tarnetar is one of the most important fair twinning. The beauty of the fair lies in the spontaneity with which people joyfully burst into folk songs & dances with rhythmic accompaniments of drums & an assortment of popular instruments. Kite Festival is held on Makar Sankranti and local and international kite enthusiasts gather here to partake in it. The entire city of Ahmedabad gets covered with colorful kites. The festivities continue after dark, as thousands of kites are equipped with cylindrical lamps of paper, filling the sky with vividly wavering stars.

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