Best Time to Visit Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh climate varies from hot and sub-humid in the lower regions near the plains, where the elevation is only 450 to 600 meters, to the bitter cold of the alpine and glacial region in the northern part where the elevation is from 4800 meters upwards. In the Lahaul-Spiti and Kinnaur regions of the state, bordering on Tibet, the climate reflects the arid nature of the region and the extreme cold conditions of the area. The state experiences the cold season from October to middle of March, hot season from April to June and when the rains come in early July the rainy season begins and goes on up to September. In the higher reaches, however the situation is different as snowfall occurs in December and January and sometimes even earlier and later. Shimla, the state capital, is in the higher reaches and has snowfall in this period. In the regions at 3000 meters and above the snowfall goes on until March and could be as high as three meters on the average. The Gaddis and other nomads descend from the snow-bound areas with their herds to the lower regions in the winter. In these parts there is no hot season and Shimla has a great reputation for being cool in the summer months. It was for that reason that the British built it up as a hill station and it has acquired the status of one of India's premier hill resorts to which people flock in big numbers during the months when the plains below are burning hot and even later when cool winds begin to blow even in the plains.

Visiting Himachal Pradesh in Winter: Winter season commences from October and lasts till the last of March. This is the duration when mercury dips even below zero degree centigrade. The tourists interested in enjoying snowfall and snow sports, winter is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh. The environment remains pretty cool and pleasant. During December & January, maximum snowfall is registered and, naturally, a sudden surge of tourists is noted then in Himachal hill resorts. Himachal emerges to be one of the most favourite vacation destinations for the honeymooners & newlyweds.

Visiting Himachal Pradesh in Summer: April to June is the summer season. The mercury crosses 4° Celcius all across the plains in mainland India. The hill resorts in Himachal Pradesh offer a perfect respite from the scorching heat and, therefore, attract a large number of tourists during summer. Thus, the weather conditions of Himachal Pradesh in summer season make it the peak tourist season. The temperature varies between 4° - 22° Celcius. Obviously, the summer season is the best time to visit Himachal Pradesh.

Visiting Himachal Pradesh in Monsoon: Himachal Pradesh receives sizeable amount of rainfall. The monsoon season commences from July and continues though the September. Torrential rain, landslides, floods, erosion etc make the travel inhospitable. The rainfall causes disruptions in day-to-day-life and, naturally, affects the exploration of major attractions. Though the temperature remains pleasant (14° - 21° Celcius), but the hindrances that may crop up make the Himachal Pradesh tour a no-go proposition.

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