Tourist Attractions in Dholpur

Dholpur district is located on the borders of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. Dholpur is easily reached from Agra and Jaipur . Dholpur is an interesting city to visit, especially because it is far from the usual tourist trail and therefore, least explored. Dholpur is well known for its excellent sandstone. This red stone was used to build not only local structures, but also those in Delhi like the Red Fort. In fact, the modern architect of Delhi, Edward Lutyens, had a special liking for the red sanstone of Dholpur. Dholpur is home to several historical and architectural tourist attractions. Laswari is a historic site of Dholpur where Daulat Rao Scindia was defeated by Lord Lake. The ruins of the ancient Mughal garden, a waterfall and Damoh Mahal Kanpur are attractions in Laswari. Located south of Dholpur is Shergarh Fort which was built by Sher Shah Suri on the ruins of a Hindu fortress. Another historical monument is Khanpur Mahal, a pleasure house built for Mughal ruler Shah Jahan. This exquisite palace tends to attract many travelers. The Shiva Temple, the most admired historical & religious monument in Dholpur, boasts of being great architectural beauty of all time. It is located near the road from Gwalior to Agra.

Dholpur, earlier a Jat principality, has been a tourist destination that can be reached easily by roa, train and air. Thousands of people from all across India, along with foreign tourists, reach Dholpur by car, taxi, bus, trains & flights.

To Reach Dholpur by Road: Road travel to Dholpur is the most convenient and preferred mode to reach Dholpur. Dholpur is located on Mumbai Agra highway. Agra and Gwalior are the nearest prominent tourist destinations. Taxi / cab can be hired to reach Dholpur. Dholpur is well connected to other major cities of the country via regular buses.

To Reach Dholpur by Train: There are several trains connect Dholpur with many major cities in India.

To Reach Dholpur by Flight: Dholpur can be reached by flight too. Kheira airport in Agra is the nearest airport to Dholpur. On arrival at Agra, hire a taxi for Dholpur.

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