How to Reach Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park, spread over two districts of Uttarakhand – Nainital & Pauri Garhwal, can easily be reached by road transport or train from several nearby cities which are well connected with flights. Throughout the year, wildlife and nature lovers keep visiting and exploring the Jim Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary. The jungle is known for its rich flora and fauna. It is still a place where animals are free and safe. The population of tiger in the park has gone up and annually there is an appreciable addition to the existing number.

To Reach Corbett National Park by Road: Jim Corbett National Park is conveniently linked with all-weather good condition road network. As a result, Corbett National Park can be reached by car, cab or bus easily. The National Park can today be entered from any of the two entrances, Dhangadi entrance to the east lying astride the main Ramnagar-Ranikhet road and Kalagarh entrance to the west which is astride the forest road joining Ramnagar and Kotdwar. A complex hydro-electric project is located at Kalagarh on the Ramganga. The major routes of entry to this sanctuary lie as follows

(i) Delhi - Garhmukteshwar — Moradahad — Kashipur — Ramnagar — Dhangadi: This route is approximately two hundred and forty five kilometer long. The last petrol pump is at Ramnagar.

(ii) Bareilly — Rampur — Kashipur — Ramnagar — Dhangadi: This route can be adopted by visitors from the east. From Bareilly, it is 180 km. Merely 5 km short of Moradabad, the road bifurcates for Ramnagar.

(iii) Nainital — Haldwani — Kaladhungi — Ramnagar — Dhangadi: It is approximately one hundred and twenty kilometer. The stretch between Kaladhungi and Ramnagar is a gravel road. This road journey is fascinating because Jim Corbett frequented it during his stay in the Kaladhungi.

(iv) Kotdwar — Nazimabad—Dhampur — Kalagarh: This route is approximately eighty kilometer long. The petrol pump is at Kalagarh. A gravel forest connects Kotdwar with Kalagarh.

To Reach Corbett National Park by Flight: There is no airport in Jim Corbett National Park. Among the nearest airports are Pant Nagar, Dehradun, Ghaziabad (Hindon) & New Delhi. From Delhi & Dehradun, one can easily reach the wildlife sanctuary by road and train. Jim Corbett National Park is 50 km from Pant Nagar, 165 km from Dehradun, 190 km from Ghaziabad and 240 km from New Delhi airport.

To Reach Corbett National Park by Road: The Jim Corbett National Park can be reached by train too. The nearest railhead is in Ramnagar. Direct train from Delhi runs to Ramnagar daily that stops at several stations during the journey. Several other cities like Varanasi, Lucknow, Kanpur etc are also directly connected with Ramnagar with rail routes. Moradabad is also a major railhead nearby from where a cab / taxi can be hired to reach Jim Corbett National Park.

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