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Kalika Mata temple, Chittorgarh Fort, Rajasthan

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Religious shrine, traditional architecture & beautiful sculptures

The Kalika Mata Temple is situated between Padmini Palace & Vijay Stambh (विजय स्तम्भ - Victory Tower) on a high ground at the eastern brim of the Chittorgarh Fort — a very picturesque view. Kalika Mata Temple is a historically, religiously and architecturally significant monument. Kalika Mata Temple was built by Sisodiya king Bappa Rawal as a Sun temple. Its construction dates to the 8th century. But in 14th century, Rana Hamir of Mewar region of Rajasthan placed an idol of Goddess Kalika in the temple. The temple had been destroyed by barbaric and religiously intolerant Muslim invaders like Alla ud Din Khilji. The present structure was rebuilt in 14th century by Rana Hamir. Originally, it was dedicated to Surya (सूर्य -Sun god), but later on converted to Shakti (शक्ति - Power goddess) temple. The original Surya image in sitting position on a running chariot of seven horses driven by Ashwani, is still surmounting the panel above the lintel stone of the main entrance to the ‘garbha graha’ (गर्भगृह - sanctum sanctorum) or womb house. Surya is attended in the left and right by Siva and Vishnu, accompanied by Indra. But the original image of the deity is no more in the shrine. This is a Chalukyan style temple with a porch, huge ‘sabha mandapam’ and spacious ‘garba griha’. The ‘sabha mandapam’ (सभा मंडपम) or pillared hall is capped by the dome supported on a massive monolith and finely carved lime stone pillars, having very exquisite pot and foliage patterns of the later Gupta decorative works. The Surya image also figures prominently in the four niches in the sanctum wall besides others of his time.

Kalika Mata Temple or Kali Mandir is also known as Bhawani Temple. The house of Chunda is located near the temple. Perhaps the oldest temple in the fort, the presiding deity is Kali, a form of Goddess Durga, the symbol of power and courage. Kalika Mata Temple is built in classical Nagar architectural style and beatified by sublime sculptures. The ceiling of the ‘sabha mandapam’ is divided into various mythological episodes. The central bay contains the image of Mahishasur Mardani (महिषासुरमर्दिनी) in her sacred commission of killing Mahishasur. The whole temple is in sound condition but unfortunately, the original ‘shikhara’ (शिखर) or steeple is lost and the present one is only an innovation and plastered without any decorative work. Kalika Mata, the presiding deity of the temple, is a form of Goddess Bhadrakali (भद्रकाली). The entrance of the temple is towards the east. Within the complex of Kalika Mata Temple is located another temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and known as Jogeshwar Mahadev. During festival of Navratri, the devotees gather here in large numbers.

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