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Chitrakoot is a celebrated pilgrimage of the Hindus. The tourists cannot resist the temptation of visiting Chitrakoot, one of the hermitages of sage Valmiki. The holy hill of Chitrakoot is famous as the residence of Ram, Sita and Lakshman during their exile from Ayodhya. Though winter season is the best time to visit Chitrakoot from weather conditions perspective but, being a holy place, the devotees from across India keep visiting the holy town throughout the year. There are many more religious tourist attractions in Chitrakoot. Most of the places to visit in Chitrakoot are associated with Lord Ram.

In Chitrakoot Dham, Sitapur, on the bank of the Payaswini is said to be the place where Ram lived with Sita. Kamadgiri, almost synonymous with Chitrakoot, is reputed to be the hill on the top of which many, sages through meditation and penance achieved emancipation. As per traditional belief, it was at Sitapur that Bharat, the younger brother of Rama, came to entreat Rama to return to his kingdom. The union of two brothers was so moving that even the inanimate rocks softened with compassion and took the imprint of their feet. A little way from this place is a hillock called Lakshman Pahari. It is said that while Ram and Sita retired for the night, Lakshman kept vigil, sitting on this hillock. Sati Anusuya (Anusuya Ashram), the famous pilgrimage place on the south bank of Pyiswani, is famous for having been the residence of legend famed Anusuya. It is said that Anusuya, the wife of great sage Atri, was one of Daksha’s daughters. According to the Puranas, she practised severe penance for a thousand years, and by virtue of her religious merit she created the river Mandakini, and by its waters maintained the fertility of the country during a 10-years long drought. In addition to them, Kot Tirth, Diwan Ganna, Hanuman Dhara, Sphatakshila and Gupt-Godavari, are much frequented by devout Hindus, who go through the ceremonies of bathing, meditation, and worship at each of them. There is a series of 24 bathing ghats along the banks of Pyiswani stream. It is said that Lord Rama lived in the Karankuti near Ram Ghat for some time. Legend tells us that it was at Chitrakoot where king Nala found his queen, Damayanti and his kingdom was restored to him.

Chirakoot region is spread over two states – Uttar Pradesh & Madhya Pradesh. The major tourist attractions are interspersed between these two states. The region garners immense historical & religious significance. It is suggested to visit Chitrakoot either in winter season or during celebration of Hindu festivals like Ram Navami, Diwali, Dussehra etc.

Visiting Chitrakoot during Winter Season: Winter season, starting from October & lasting till March, offers pleasant time with clear skies & balmy days to visit Chitrakoot. Several festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Navratri, Mahashivratri & Makar Sankranti are observed and celebrated with religious fervour in the winter; therefore, the highest number of tourists visit this region during these months. A large cache of visitors are found gathering in Chitrakoot to enjoy week-long Ramayan Mela.

Visiting Chitrakoot during Summer Season: The summer season spans over three months – April, May & June. Except the first two weeks of April, rest of the period is marked by very hot weather making weather condition non-suitable for sightseeing during day time. That’s why, climatic conditions make summer a off-season with respect to tourism in Chitrakoot. As a result, the number of travels keeps dwindling and tariffs of the hotels reach their nadir. But, in early April, Ram Navami is celebrated in Chitrakoot at grand scale with huge gathering of the devotees.

Visiting Chitrakoot during Monsoon Season: Monsoon months – July, August & September – are known for heavy downpour, turning the region lush green. All around dense vegetation and several rivulets during monsoon make Chitrakoot breathtakingly beautiful. The climate becomes cool and pleasant, compared to summer, to explore the major tourist attractions in the town.

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