Tourist Attractions in Chanderi

A trip to Chanderi is incomplete if one has not visited archaeological monuments that have been built during different periods. Around 1200 baoris (harvested water-pool) were built in Chanderi which attract thousands of Jain pilgrims from all over the country. There are about 375 monuments in the city, a large number of 9th and 10th century Jain temples, a number of Jain palaces, making Chanderi the main center of Jain culture. Another major attraction of Chanderi is Chanderi sarees which are woven by hand and widely popular all over India, especially among women and traders. Chanderi is located in the extremely healthy climate in the valley of the Betwa River in Madhya Pradesh.

Plan your visit to the popular attractions like the Chanderi Mosque of Babur, Khuni Darwaza, Badal Mahal, Taj Singpur, Jageshwari Temple, Gate Kati Ghati, Shahzadi ka Rouza, Parmeshwar Tank etc. These are the best places to explore the beautiful Chanderi history.

Explore the architecture of the Jain Chanderi temples. Discover the rich culture of the Jain Pariwar community, which has built several temples in the area such as the Shri Chobisi Jain Temple, Shri Khandargiri Jain Temple and Temple of Shri Thobonji Jain.

It is certainly worth visiting Fort Chanderi, which is currently in ruins. It is standing at a height of 71 m and was built during the Mughal period.

Top Things to Do in Chanderi

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