Archaeological Society of India Museum Bodh Gaya

Archaeological Society of India Museum Bodh Gaya
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Archaeological Society of India Museum, Old PWD Building, near Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya, Bihar

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Open on all days except Friday
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

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INR 10 pp


1-2 Hour


Railings & pillars of original Mahabodhi Temple

The Archaeological Society of India Museum Bodh Gaya was established in 1956 and contains two galleries. Antiques related to Buddha and history of Buddhism can be found in this museum. It also shows statues, sculptures and paintings related to Hinduism too. The museum is situated near the Mahabodhi Temple complex. It is an informative and interesting site to know about the life of Buddha and development of Buddhism. Different kind of statues of Buddha, stone sculptures, pillars, railings etc can be found inside the museum. Remnants and sculptures related to Buddhism as well as Hinduism are preserved here. In fact, Bodhgaya has an immense importance for a Buddhist. It is one of the four pilgrimages and the place where Siddhartha got enlightened and became Buddha.

The Bodh Gaya Archaeological Museum consists of two galleries, two verandahs and one open courtyard. First gallery mainly showcases crowned Buddha in Bhumisparshamudra (भूमिस्पर्शमुद्रा - a position of hand while touching the earth or surface). Generally we see the meditating Buddha in statues and paintings. Here in Archaeological Museum Bodh Gaya, images of Lord Buddha in various expressions and postures can be seen. Second gallery majorly showcases Sapta Matrika (सप्तमातृका), Dashavatar (दशावतार) of Lord Vishnu (ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu according to Hindu Mythology), statue of Buddha in Abhayamudra, Varaha Avatar of Lord Vishnu and some idols of Hindu gods. Paintings, stone sculptures depicting various events of Buddha’s life and miniature souvenirs can be seen here. Except the sculptures and remnants related to Buddha’s life, other statues and sculptures related to Buddhism such as Sahasra Buddha, Sanchi Yakshi figure, Maitreya (a Buddhist deity), can be seen here.

Original railings and pillar remnants of Mahabodhi Temple has been kept safe. Later on when Mahabodhi Temple was revamped, these remnants of original railings & pillars were copied by the artisans in shape and size to recreate the original glory. These are from Maurya and Gupta period, which might be older than 2000 years, and were made of granite and sandstone. Religious signs of Buddhism like carving of Bodhi Tree, Buddha and stupas can be seen on these railings; apart from these other elements of geography, flora and fauna of that era can be found on these railings. The sculptures and remnants kept here are from different centuries, some are from 1st century, and some are of later centuries.

From the point of view of history and archaeology, this museum can be an informative visit where you can not only find the glimpses of religious history but also the archeological information too.

Although it is difficult to trace history of Buddha and Buddhism, but this museum does an effort to know and understand Buddhism in an easy and better way. A short 3D animation movie depicting the life journey of Buddha is shown in the museum. There is an audio guide also that can be availed to listen to the teachings of Buddha, eight fold and middle path shown by him. A faithful having curiosity to learn about the evolution of Buddhism and related practices, Archaeological Society of India Museum in Bodh Gaya is a must-visit destination for him / her.

How to reach: To reach Bodh Gaya, the nearest airport is Gaya airport. Except this, Bodh Gaya is well connected with roads and trains. Bodh Gaya is at a distance of 13 km from the airport, 17 km from Gaya Junction and almost 12 km from bus station.

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