Top 20 Most Visited Tourist Places in India

India is a diverse country where you would find everything interesting and everything changes just as you cross the border of the city or of the state. All the cities of the country are so pretty in their own ways that it always becomes difficult in choosing the most beautiful city in the country. And on that term, here are some of the most visited tourist places in India that every traveller must visit to.


Delhi is one of the prettiest cities with the best contemporary lifestyle. You would find ancient historic monuments along with dazzling new buildings. There is a lot to explore in terms of forts, food, streets, lifestyle, and market over here.


If you are someone who loves Mughal architecture and ancient things then Agra is the one stop destination for you. Agra has some of the prettiest sights of the monuments and also the best street food ever. Taj Mahal, Agra fort & Fatehpur Sikri are UNESCO World Heritage sites.


The royalty of the Rajput still prevails in their pink city. From the gorgeous forts, glorious monuments, the vintage lanes, and the pink buildings, this city has it all and is incredibly beautiful. Jaipur is capital of Rajasthan.


Udaipur is called as the city of lakes and the sight of the monuments overlooking the lakes is a sight to die for. Udaipur is rather a modern city with some gorgeous monuments to spend staring.


Varanasi, the oldest living city in the world, attracts tourists from all across the globe. The life in the ghats of Varanasi is a sight so delightful that would stay with you for life. The ghats lit with the evening Ganga Aarti and the old vintage streets of the city make for worthwhile exploration.


Khajuraho is famous for being the temple city and the temples are famous for ancient sculptures depicting love and Kamasutra postures. Each wall of the temple is so beautiful with enough intricate details.


The golden city of Punjab is known for the golden temple and it beyond commenting beauty. You have not seen the true colours of India if you haven’t visited Amritsar.


The party destination of India is one of the most visited states of the country. Goa is famous amongst the people of all age groups for parties, clubbing, fun, and leisure holidays.


This city in the South India has a beauty of its own that captivates the heart of the travellers. Mahabalipuram, a historic temple city in Tamil Nadu, is so rich in heritage that you would fell in love with the history of the place.


Kerala, popularly called as the God’s own country, with the house boats on the backwaters of the state is an experience to live at least once in your life. The greenery, tea plantations, coffee beds, and the piece of nature over here is so pleasing to the soul.


It would not be wrong to say Mumbai as the heart of the country. It is said the city never sleeps and we totally agree with it. From tonnes of touristy spots to explore, the city is a must visit.


The small hill town Rishikesh is a paradise for the adventure lovers and the tranquility seekers. The hill station is the largest yoga center in the country. There are so many breathtaking sights to heal your soul with at this place.


The most beautiful hill station of the country has to be Manali. The sight of the sunrise amidst the hills is the most magical from here. Apple orchards and the wooden cottages make for the coziest sights to live here.

Leh Ladakh

The adventure lovers, bikers, and the solo travellers have this place as the topmost benchmark in the country. The feeling of reaching the highest point on the earth and riding the bikes on the highest motarble road is a surreal one for sure.


One of the prettiest and the cosiest hill stations of the country is Darjeeling. This hill station in the West Bengal side is literally the queen of the hills and also is one of the oldest hill stations of the country.


The sand dunes and the camel safari in the desert makes Jaisalmer one of the most amazing and the most visited cities of India. The experience that you get here is beyond beautiful and one in a lifetime.


Mysuru is called the city of palaces and the kind of palaces that you witness here are the best. For the architecture and the historic lovers, this place is a heaven. You cannot return from the place without loads of pictures of the palaces.


The South India side of the country is blessed with some of the most beautiful cities and Kanyakumari is one of them. The view of the sunrise and the sunset from this coastal town is a thing to absorb in your soul if you are there.


The best phrase that describes Kashmir is ‘heaven on earth’. It is truly said that if there is a piece of heaven or paradise on earth, then it is in Kashmir. The house boats, the snowfall, the hills, and basically everything about Kashmir is magical.


Last but not the least, the city of joy, Kolkata, is also one of the frequently visited cities of our country. The establishment of the British East Company and the buildings that they made here, the old lanes which are not renovated, and the tourist spots are the famous things to explore.

These were some of the most popular and the most visited places of our country. The best part about all these places is that none of them resemble each other in any way. All of them have a distinctive beauty of their own and that’s the speciality of our country.

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