Mukteshvara Temple

Mukteshvara Temple
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Mukteshvara Temple, Kedar Gauri Complex, Old Town, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

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Open on all days: 06:30 AM – 07:330 PM

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Architectural antiquity, religious rites & Mukteswar Dance Festival.

Two hundred yards to the east from Parashurameshwar Temple lies the tiny Mukteshvara Temple which has been called a “dream realized in sandstone”. Small but elegant, the Mukteshvara Temple probably dates from about 975 A.D. and represents the middle period (circa 900-1100 A.D.) of the Odishan style in its early prime. Mukteshvara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Mukteshvara literally means ‘God of Liberation’. Liberation in Hindu scriptures is known as ‘moksh’. Thus, the temple is also revered as a primordial seat for initiation of ‘tantra’. It is believed that the Mukteshvara Temple, alternately also spelt as temple of Mukteswar, was built during the reign King Yayati belonging to Somvamshi dynasty. The stone architecture is well preserved. This temple is a classical architectural piece for study of the journey of development of temples in Odisha. The archway (toran dwar) of Mukteshvara Temple is accepted as logo of Bhubaneswar tourism in the similar way as the wheel of the Sun chariot of Konark Temple is the sign of Odisha tourism.

It has been called a miniature gem of architecture for its graceful proportions and beautiful finish. The arched gateway or ‘torana’ is the “creation of an artist of superior vision and skill” as also the large figure design repeated on each side of the tower, which is only 35 feet high. This temple’s most distinctive feature is its torana or arch gateway showing the influence of Buddhist architecture and displaying an intricacy of carved detail unlike anything of its kind at Bhubaneswar. Among the themes represented are a lady riding a rearing elephant, a skin-and-bones hermit teaching, cobras darting their heads, and lions fighting. Here, too, are celestial nymphs under cobra-headed hoods and languorous dancing girls. All the figures are full of life and beautifully draped. Another interesting attraction of the temple is a small well, called Marichi Kund. Its water is said to be having curative properties to get a female rid of infertility. The Mukteshvara Temple, a historical monument with architectural finesse, is considered a prime religious tourist attraction in Bhubaneswar. Mukteshwar Dance Festival, a 3-day long cultural event, is organized annually in its premises. Odissi classical dance and its various features are presented here.

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