Anthropological Museum (National Museum of Mankind)

It is located on a prehistoric site and may be the only museum in the world strewn with numerous painted rock shelters. The library, audiovisual archive, computerized documentation and collection of ethnographic samples of the Museum, although modest in size are among the best in the world.

An immense and exciting anthropological museum that exposes the different cultures of the peoples of India but not also of different countries of Asia or Africa. More impressive is the open-air exhibition of the Tribal Habitat Museum on the Shamla Hills: huts and even caverns are open to the public every day except Mondays. A museum that is well worth our Museum of the Quai Branly, is not displeasing to the chauvinists! However, we can avoid the Van Vihar zoo and the boat crossing of the two lakes, unless persistent mosquitoes company does not scare you.

It is located on the beautiful sight of the Shyamla Hills. The folk arts of the country have been depicted here in a very attractive manner in over 200 acres of land. When the sound of folk instruments spreads here, the hillock gives an extremely unique scene. This museum is a peculiar combination of folk arts and national environs. While observing the excellent handicrafts of the tribals, how the time passes is not known. There are models of tribal houses called Sankul, Maadia Temple, Dassehra Rath of Bastar, Mudai Ghotul, the group-houses of clay workers, the sacred places of Chaudhary and Rathwa Tribes, places of Gonds of Taada tribe; Maadi memorial Tower, the houses of fishermen of Andhra Pradesh, the Ayappa temple of Tamil Nadu, fishing boats and a boat of 110 feet. All there are worth seeing items.

The National Museum of Mankind remains open from 11am to 6.30pm. Entrance charge is INR 10 per person and valid for three hours of visit.

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