Kanak Bhawan Temple

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Hanuman Garhi, Sai Nagar, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

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Open on all days

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5:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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Approx 1 hr


Ram Navami & Hanuman Jayanti

Kanak Bhawan Temple in Hanuman Garhi is considered to be a gift given to Ram and Sita by Ram’s step mother Kaikeyi. In this temple there is only statue of Sita with Ram. Kanak Bhawan temple is one of the most revered temples in Ayodhya. As per the legend, at this site a heavenly palace was built under the supervision of Vishwakarma on request of King Dasharath. No male except Lord Ram was allowed to enter into the palace. The rule was so strictly followed that even Hanuman was able to reach till corridor only. The artistically made modern temple of present day was built by the Queen of Orchha Vrishbhanu Kunwari in 1891 AD. Kanak Bhawan is an impressive temple made up of stone and popularly known as Rajkot. It is said that this edifice was got constructed by Vikramaditya. One of the edicts of Kanak Bhawan visitors read is that in Dwapar Yug Maharaj Kush got it founded and established the statue of Ram & Sita in Kanak Bhawan. Maharaj Rishabh effected many additions. Lord Krishna visited Ayodhya after slaughter of Jarasandh and established a statue of Ran & Sita on the mound. King Vikramaditya got it rebuilt and Samudragupta got it restructured. Kanak Bhawan has images of Sri Rama and Sita wearing gold crowns. It is also known as Sone-ka-Ghar.

Close to sanctum sanctorum of Kanak Bhawan temple is bedroom (Shayan Kaksha). The bedroom is surrounded by eight rooms meant for female staffs (sakhiyan or sakhis). These ‘sakhiyan’ or ‘sakhis’ are Charushila, Hema, Kshema, Vararoha, Lakshman, Sulochana, Padmagandha and Subhaga and their photographs are placed in their respective rooms. Sita also has eight ‘sakhis’ called ‘ashtasakhis’. Their names are Chandra Kala, Prasad, Vimala, Madan Kala, Vishva Mohini, Urmila, Champa Kala and Roop Kala. Festivals like Annakuta, Deepawali, Hanuman Jayanti, Laxmi Pujan, Gyaras etc are celebrated every year with great devotion and religious fervor.

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