Best Time to Visit Alwar

Alwar, nestled in Aravalli ranges, is a tourist destination in Rajasthan and a large number of visitors reach here. As is usual in Rajasthan, Alwar is dominated by its medieval fort that crowns imposingly a sharp, conical rock. Once the capital of the princely State of the same name, Alwar contains a palace separated from the hill by the Sagar tank. A portion of the building has been turned into a museum devoted mainly to manuscripts and paintings. Of the former there are over 7,000, the most notable being an illuminated copy of the Koran in Arabic with Persian translation in red lettering. The picture gallery contains a rare collection of Mughal and Rajasthani paintings. There is also an armory containing the personal weapons of Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan and Aurangzeb, with hilts of gold studded with jewels.

Examples of the Alwar School of painting can be seen at the Gunijankhana, the feudal academy of arts. Unlike in the more conventional Rajput paintings, here the pictures of dancing girls do not veil the beauty of limbs and the sensuousness of Rajput women. The marble mausoleum of Bakhtawar Singh, south of the Sagar (a picturesque water tank), is one of the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture. Another spot to visit is the Purjan Vihar, a public park on the outskirts of town and its renowned Summer House. At a few minutes’ run lies Siliserh, a lake covering four square miles, adorned with chhatris (domed cenotaphs) and fringed by a dense forest. There is also a dream palace at the water-edge, which has been thrown open to visitors.

From weather and climate perspective, winter is the best time to visit Alwar. Monsoon is preferred by the nature-loving tourists. Summer is best suited for budget travelers. Alwar is subject to a desert-like climate. There are few months when the rain comes to water the city. The average rainfall is estimated at 105 mm over the year. The average annual temperature is 23.7° Celcius.

Visiting Alwar in Winter: The winter season in Alwar begins from October and continues till March. Winter (October to March) is the best season to visit Alwar. The weather conditions and climate remain pleasant. Most of the Hindu festivals are celebrated during these months and a tourist can enjoy the mood of festivity in the air.

Visiting Alwar in Summer: On average, the warmest months in Alwar are April, May and June. Summers in Alwar are hot and humid with average temperatures sometimes reaching 45 degrees Celsius. This unprecedented rise in mercury, which takes place between April and June, miraculously sparkles the golden sands. If you are considering a trip to Alwar, it would be best to avoid the summer. But, for a budget traveler, summer season is suitable one as the hotels are available at minimum tariffs.

Visiting Alwar in Monsoon: The monsoon season spans over three months – July, August & September. The monsoon transforms Alwar into one of the most beautiful lands in the world. The spectacle of peacocks that seem to dance in the rain gives this landscape a magical dimension.

Thus, from weather and climate perspective, nine months of a year (July to March) can be termed as the best season to visit Alwar.

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