Alsisar Palace

Alsisar Mahal or majestic Alsisar Palace is located in the village Alsisar. The majestic magnificence of the architecture of Alsisar Mahal and the splendor of its admirably decorated interiors is just hypnotizing-antique furniture, intricately carved canopy beds and delicate medieval Rajasthani motifs on the fabric recreate a luxurious flavor alive for the guests. The expansive paved courtyards with original lawns of the bygone era have aged trees, lending it a distinctive character to enchant a visitor with full charm, transporting one to the novel and grand style of the royal era.

Alsisar Mahal or Palace has been converted into a beautiful, upmarket and luxurious hotel. This former residence of the Thakurs of Alsisar is now rebuilt and refurbished into a fascinating luxury hotel with high attention to comfort. The Great Hall recreates the grand style of the royal era. Wooden paneling and original artwork create an aura of old world charm of royal accommodations. Artistically painted walls and ceilings, thorny manual carpets and rich furnishings, complemented by spectacular views, make the palace a very special retreat. The aesthetically restored suites offer a guest a cherished fairy tale experience that takes one to beyond the times.

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