Bharadwaj Ashrama Prayagraj

Bharadwaj Ashrama Prayagraj
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Bharadwaj Ashrama, Shiv Mandir Bharadwaj Ashram, Colnel Ganj, Prayagraj, U.P.

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Bharadawj Ashrama in Allahabad is symbolic of continuum of Hindu culture and civilization since ages immemorial. During the time of Ram, River Ganga used to flow aside it as it was situated on the banks of the divine river. A shrine marks the spot on which once the hermitage of the sage Bharadwaj stood. Rama had met him and had a significant dialogue with him here. There are several temples near Bhardwaj Ashrama in Prayagraj (Allahabad). Maharshi Bharadwaj was a master of knowledge of Vedas, Puranas, Ayurveda, Dhanurveda and Vimana Shastra. His ‘gurukul’ was a great center of learning and education. Bharadwaj Ashrama is a symbol of thousands of years of relation of the knowledgeable sages and Prayagraj. Due to continuous Yajna in Bharadwaj Ashrama, Prayagraj is also called in the Hindu religious scriptures as land of Yajna. Owing to higher learnings in Bharadwaj Ashrama, Prayagraj on Triveni Sangam (confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and invisible Saraswati rivers) came to be known as the land of education. In Valmiki Ramayana, Bhardwaj has been called the Chancellor of this Gurukul.

Rishi Bharadwaj is one of the Sapt Rishis (seven sages). The Sapt Rishis are Kashyap (कश्यप), Atri (अत्रि), Vasishtha (वसिष्ठ), Vishwamitra (विश्वामित्र), Gautam (गौतम), Jamdagni (जमदग्नि) और भरद्वाज (Bharadwaj). Bharadwaj gotra started after his name. Acquiring and disseminating knowledge for public welfare was the main goal of his life. To gain knowledge of Vedas, he took three births of a hundred years. Bharadwaj was a great teacher of Ayurveda and a very good Sam Veda singer, besides being a ‘mantradrashta’ (मन्त्रदृष्टा). That is why, he is named among the four major vocalists. He wrote many texts for the welfare of the people. Owing to this, his glory is also mentioned in the Vedas and Puranas. He is considered to be the oldest age among all the sages.

There is an interesting story behind the name Bharadwaj. Bharadwaja was born in the family tree of sage Angiras. The name of his father was Brihaspati and mother’s name was Mamta. When he was born, there was a dispute among the parents that who will take care of child’s upbringing, sanskar and education. Both said to each other, Bhardwajamimam (भारद्वाजमिमं), that is, you handle it. Therefore, he got the name Bhardwaj, but he immortalized the same name on the strength of his penance. Later he was brought up in royal family. Vaishali King Marut brought him up. It is said in the Puranas that Marutta Devta nurtured them.

As per Taittiriya Brahmana, Bharadwaj pleased Indra with his penance and asked for the boon of three births of a hundred years. Actually, Bhardwaj wanted to study the Vedas, but could not do so due to lack of time. As per the scripture, even after three births, he could not get complete knowledge of Vedas. Then, again Rishi Bharadwaj asked for a fourth birth from Indra. This time round, Indra suggested a solution. The king of gods asked the sage to perform a sacrificial ritual. The sage performed the suggested sacrificial ritual and it pacified his curiosity.

Maharshi Bharadwaj has been called the seer of the sixth ‘mandal’ (मण्डल) of the Rigveda. There are 765 mantras (मंत्र) of Bharadwaj in this ‘mandal’. 23 ‘mantras’ of Bharadwaj are also found in the Atharva Veda.

Rishi Bharadwaj had studied grammar-scripture from Indra and taught it to many sages. It is described in both 'Riktantra' (ऋक्तंत्र) and ' Aitareya Brahmin '.

Sage Charaka has written that Bharadwaj had studied Ayurveda from Indra . Based on his in-depth study of Ayurveda, Bhardwaj also composed the Ayurveda-Samhita.

Rishi Bhardwaj received the sermon of theology from Maharishi Bhrigu and composed 'Bhardwaj-Smriti'. The Mahabharata and Hemadri have mentioned it. It is popular in the Pancharatra-Bhakti-Sampraday that Rishi Bharadwaj was also the creator of 'Bharadwaja-Samhita', a code of the sect.

According to Shantiparva in Mahabharata, sage Bharadwaj preached on 'Dhanurveda'. It is also said that the sage Bharadwaj practiced 'Rajashastra'. Kautilya respectfully accepted the sage Bharadwaj among the creators of his Arthashastra.

Sage Bharadwaj composed a voluminous book called 'Yantra-Sarvasva'. Some part of this book has been published by Swami Brahmamuni under the name of 'Vimana-Shastra'. This book describes the manufacture of various metals for high and low level aircraft.

Rishi Bharadwaj was the ultimate expert in the experiments of Ayurveda. That is why, he attained the longest age among the sages and is termed as ‘chiranjivi’ (चिरंजीवी). Rishi Charaka called Bharadwaja of having an infinite age.

Bharadwaj was the priest of Divodas, the sage king of Kashi (Varanasi).

After crossing the holy River Ganga on his way to Dandakaranya, Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram had first come to Bhardwaj Ashrama on his way to the forest. Bharadwaj Muni had warmly welcomed Rama and told him the way to Chitrakoot. When Bharata came to Prayagraj to bring Rama back from Chitrakoot, he saw Rishi Bharadwaj.

The sage welcomed Bharata and his visiting guests in the serene atmosphere of his ashram. While returning to Ayodhya after conquering Lanka, Rama again met and paid his obeisance for the sage Bharadwaja. In this ashrama, a Shivling was installed by Rishi Bharadwaj. Lord Shiva is still worshiped here. Shivlinga in the ashrama is called Bharadwajeshwar Shiva.

At the time of the commencement of Kumbh Mela 2019 in Prayagraj, President Ramnath Kovind inaugurated a grand statue of Maharshi Bharadawj in Bharadwaj Park, opposite the ashram & temple, on January 16’2019. The statue, built in thirty days and placed on a twelve feet high platform, was constructed by Mahendra Kodwani of Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The staue cost INR 2 crore.

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