Vidisha Museum

Vidisha Museum
Vital Information for Visitors

Vidisha Museum, Civil Lines, Sagar-Vidisha Road, Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh

Open & Close:

Open on all days except Monday
10:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Entry Fees:

Indian – INR 05 pp
Foreigner – INR 50 pp


1- 2 Hours


Ancient glory of the region

Vidisha Museum is known as Vidisha District Museum and District Archaeological Museum Vidisha. Vidisha in ancient times was known as Bedsa, Bedis Vesnagar, Besnagar, Bhellaswamipur, Bhelsa, Alamgirpur etc. The ancient sculptures, terracotta, coins etc found during excavations in early 20th century became the reason for constructing Vidisha Museum. Beautiful images were found at Bhilsa when a local Jagirdar was quarrying for stones in 1940. As these were of artistic merit and valuable for presenting a vivid picture of the ancient town of Vidisha, it was felt that such antiquities should be collected and a museum established. Hence, in 1964 AD, Vidisha District Museum came into existence. From time to time, several antiquities were brought together and the most remarkable of these is a huge monilithic Yaksha of the 2nd century B.C. Sculptures of Bhairavnath, panel having Mahavir engraved, statue of Kuber etc are noteworthy effigies of historical and artistic significance. The material consists of antiquities recovered from the town of Vidisha, from the ruined fort, the bed of the river and other places. There are more than 1700 sculptures, lithic inscriptions and things of historical significance are arranged and displayed in three open air galleries. The Archaeology Department of Madhya Pradesh has locally collected large number of sculptures, coins and other antiquities; brought the collection together to enrich the museum and made it worthy of this ancient city. Vidisha Museum is one of the important museums in Madhya Pradesh . It is a mustsee place in Vidisha.

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