Vidisha, near the capital Bhopal, is a historic town with ancient buildings dating from the 2nd century. This small town is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical monuments that reflect the great work of art of the Gupta Empire. The Gupta dynasty ruled the area for a very long time. The magnificent past of Vidisha makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Madhya Pradesh and, therefore, is visited by many tourists, especially historians and art lovers. Vidisha, located at the meeting point of the rivers Betwa and Beas, used to be the significant commercial center under Sunga, Naga, Satvahana and Gupta dynasties.

There are many architectural monuments in Vidisha that are worth visiting and Besnagar is one of them which has historical remains as Udayagiri Caves with inscriptions belonging to the Gupta Dynasty. Vidisha also has the ruins of Lord Vishnu's former holy place and the monolithic pillar, built in the 5th and 6th century BC. Also there are several ruins offering the historical evidence of Vidisha being a business center during the rule of King Ashoka, who believed to have ruled the city for a long time.

An important historical destination, Vidisha is very popular for archaeological sites, ruins, inscriptions and sculptures, which reflect the rich history of the Gupta period. The city of Vidisha is divided into five regions ie the Betwa Valley, Eastern Region, Western Region, Sindh Valley and Bina Valley. All these regions are immersed in the magnificence of the splendid past of different dynasties, which have governed the region.

If history is to be believed, Vidisha is the same place where Emperor Ashoka once arrived and met Vidisha Devi, with whom he married later. The city also found its mention in the epic Ramayana, where it is written that Shatrughati, the son of Shatrughana was the guardian of the city. Some of the most famous places to visit in Vidisha include Vijaymandira Temple, Khamba Baba, Udayapur, Shalbhanjika, Gadarmal Temple and many more.

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